Everything you need to know about anger

Are you angry? – Did someone do something that wasn’t fair?

Boy doesn’t that just make you hot under the collar?!


Why on earth would anyone do something unfair?!?

I would never do that…!!!

Well – really…?

Have you ever done anything unfair….?!

“Not really…” – “Have you ever done anything mean?”

“Well yes… – but the other person deserved it!”


“Did the other person feel they deserved it..?”

So let’s imagine now, someone else was reading this, and you were the person they were thinking about?!?

You see: what gets angry?

When we are born, none of us are angry.

But then we enter into the terrible two tantrums.

A tantrum is anger.

But, why?

If I was the parent, I would think…

“Hey, but didn’t I just carry you in my belly – pretty uncomfortable at times… – didn’t I just nurse you (takes a lot of energy…  – didn’t I get up for you… – didn’t I burp you, wipe your tears, change your diaper…?!?

But to the child – as the child’s intellect is underdeveloped, all the child know is its reality.

In reality the way it works, is: “every time I cry, I get what I want.”

“So how come life is unfair?…”

And this is the critical thing:

We can handle fair, we cannot handle unfair.

But this is the even more critical thing; what exactly is the true definition of unfair?

You see, imagine two people are in an argument (heck, even if you are playing a video game…)

Now if you lose the argument, you may go away in a huff… – but is it unfair?

You see – and this is the most important thing for peace of mind, for the opposite of tranquility is frustration, which is anger, which is the belief that something is unfair – we have within us a desire (based, as mentioned, on, if we already have…) to get our way!!

Now if you do or don’t get your way, has nothing to do with if your way is fair – it is actually merely an instinct – say just like you like inspiration or coffee.

So what is truly fair, is that instead of getting your way a. you figure out what is G-d’s way b. You accept that as all comes from God (notwithstanding our obligation to be fair – in other words, do our level best) therefore though your instincts/ego might be throwing a tantrum – you got what not only is fair but infinitely more so.

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