How the Rebbe Told Us That This Year We Will Have A Positive from Negative Transformation – a 30 year ago Prediction!!

“The Tehhilim has 150 Chapters

This is 15 X 10

Based on this Division the 89th Chapter is part of the cycle that begins with Chapter 81 (and end with Chapter 90.)

Now 81 in Hebrew spells Af אפ – Anger, however it actually has the opposite, namely it is Pa פא   which demonstrates the transformation of negative to positive.

(We can note that in the 89th Chapter of Tehhilim the word Af is mentioned 5 times.

This hints on the transformation of the negative of the exile of Pharaoh (the source of all exiles) “The Fifth To Pharaoh”, to the Af in the Positive.

“The Fifth To Pharaoh” in Holiness which (as Kabbalah says) is the source from where all light and revelation emanate.

(Now פא is also the First letters for “I will show you wonders” that the main emphasis here is on revealed miracles, to the human eye, in a good and – revealed good way!)”

Of-Course The Acronym (Head Letters) For This Year Is


This Is The Year That Wondrous Miracles I Will Show You

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