the summary of The Bible of Jewish mysticism is based on the fact that everything we think, say or do comes either from love or fear – which respectively is the desire to attain something we believe is beneficial to us, and a desire to refrain from something we believe is harmful to us – and as we have naturally what is called an animal Soul, which means instincts comprised of fire which is ego / arrogance, which also becomes anger for not getting our way, if we expect to – also we have water, which is the desire for biochemical highs / pleasure – we have air, which is the enjoyment of frivolous fun, and we have Earth which is lethargic, like laziness and depression – now if we don’t want these instincts to, like an instinctual 🐕 to control us, we have to have a passion for higher desires – and the way we get this passion is we meditate on how great and awesome and mighty and loving and infinitely beyond human description Our Creator is!!! that Everything He Has Made Is Not Even Like Zero Compared To Him – When We Can Feel His Greatness, Our Heart Creates A Passion For Him – we must likewise understand that if we listen to what He told us in the Torah / Mitzvahs, and don’t disobey Him, we will be connected and not disconnected!

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