The Maagid On Shoiftim

The verse states “Place Guards and officers at all your cities gateways.”

It states in the Medrash:

God said – “When you keep my laws and justice, I am great (exalted,) as it says “And G-d the Lord of Hosts is exalted in judgment.””

And I then place my Shechina (presence) with you, as it states “And the holy God is sanctified through charity.”

And I redeem you, as it states, “For my salvation is speedily coming, and my righteousness to be revealed.”

We will understand this based on what our sages teach, that: “if there is justice below there is no justice above, however if G-d-forbid there is no justice below, then there is justice from above.”

Now regarding Sedoim it states, “I will descend and see.. (what’s going on, as their cries have reached me – said G-d.)

Now all the earlier commentaries ask, why does it state, “I will go down..?”

Is not everything known to G-d?

But based on what is mentioned, we will understand… – for in Sedoim there was no justice below.

And therefore G-d had to create justice from on high, and this is called “going down.”

An example of this is from a physical king who reigns over many countries both near and far, and all the countries follow the king’s wishes, and they all revere Him, and are alert in attending to His decrees.

And therefore the king reciprocally places his eyes and heart on these countries to protect them in every way, from any harm or enemy.

So that they can continually be with peace of mind to fulfil His wishes – and for this the king removes Himself from His personal affairs, pleasure, and luxuries, and his entire focus is just to benefit his countries.

All his thoughts every day, all his innovations are only in bettering the country, their needs and protection.

He continually thinks about them, and innovates better means for their benefit and safety.

He does not stop thinking about them for a moment.

Now one day a man came from a distant land – an improvished, broken, disheveled and afflicted lowlife (bum) and he screams at the gates of the king, that he has been robbed a coin.

As the king hears his cries – this disturbed him from his lofty and pure thoughts.

And the king sent one of his servants to this man to understand his complaint.

But the man ignored the king’s servant and continued to cry “Help me King, help me!!”

So the king had to remove himself from all his lofty thoughts, in how to better humanity all the time, and to descend to deal with this person’s issue.

Now that robbery wasn’t even over a nickel.

However this is the policy of the king, to address all abuses, so that there will be justice in the land.

Obviously this is a great descent for the king.

Now we understand the appellation, that if there is no justice below, the great king, G-d, must deal with these petty issues.

Although G-d continually watches over everyone and everything – nonetheless this personal accounting that comes as a result of squabbling, is as if He needs to give a personal accounting – watch.

And this is called a descent, and hence God said: I will descend to Sedoim.

However when there is judgement below, there is no judgement above.

God doesn’t have to descend – he doesn’t have to get involved in pettiness.

Hence God is so to say exalted.

And this is the verse “G-d is exalted in judgment,” meaning as there is justice below, He is exalted above, as mentioned.

And this that our sages teach, God says, “I will place my Shechina (presence with you – we will understand this based on what it states in the Zohar and Tikkunim, when the Jewish people called to God – whenever and wherever they call, God comes and blesses.

When God’s presence is there, blessing descends.

* * *

“Judges and officers you shall place in all your city’s gateways” this means Love and fear of God, you shall place in all your thoughts – you should always be cognizant of God.

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