The Rebbe on the times we are living, Ikvase Dimishicha – right before Moshiach

5711 (1951)

There is but a few lost containers (vessels – in other words Mitzvos) we need to complete.

We need to do this in a doubled darkness (concealment of Divinity) so for the difficulty (of groping) we shall be amply rewarded.

As we are in exile – a double darkness – it is a sign we can transform the darkness to light!!

The final darkness of exile is compared to the final darkness of night, when people have their deepest slumber.

5713 (1953)

As we have already completed thousands of years of Divine service, the final service is that much easier.

If the previous holy generation of our ancestors were alive – we would all be true nobodies (relative.)

When Moshiach will come and all the Holy Tzaddikim will arise, we will see ourselves truly as nobodies – this being the case, let us put in all the effort (while we are – relatively speaking – somebodies.!)

5716 (1956)

It states in the generation preceding Moshiach, the youngsters will be brazen – this should be used for good purposes.

5722 (1962)

The Kabbalah teaches in the generation prior to redemption, women will dominate their husbands – this should be used to encourage their husbands – to do more goodness and holy pursuits.

The fact that despite ridicule, the Jewish people will maintain their Judaism – and even more precisely people will become religious – caused Moses (who was shown a vision of all future generations to be ) humbled (as this is the most difficult test.)    

The general approach – Kabbalois Oil (not intellectualism, but just do good!)

As we must complete – the long bitter and tortuous exile, through the Mitzvos we do – this is the most important task! (so it’s not about Torah, rather about as much Mitzvos / good, possible (not to denigrate Torah study, but as this is the final moments, the actions are far more valuable and necessary.)

The Shechina (G-d’s presence which is with us in our extraordinary filth) must be redeemed.

The final generation of exile – which is our generation – will also be the first of redemption (as we saw with the Jews who left Egypt – Last out, First in!)

5723 (1963)

We are extraordinarily precious, for the task that is upon us – to complete the service that will bring Moshiach – not only redeems all the Previous generations, but gives us (for if God gives you a mission, He gives you the tools.)

Now the mission is not to place your confidence that someone else will save you – each person through personal redemption (connecting infinitely/intimately with God, and their sacred duty) will manifest global.

Everything now happens – both in the physical and spiritual realm – quickly.

5724 (1964)

In the generation preceding Moshiach, giving charity, includes spiritual (teaching/s.)

In the generation preceding Moshiach, the Mitzvah to educate (our children and children who may be older, but in regards to spirituality and Torah are younger) is indeed the call.

On one hand there is a deleterious problem which is brazenness in children, yet simultaneously there is an awesome greatness which even children (as Kabbalah teaches) will know Divine secrets (of the Torah.)  

In the generation preceding Moshiach there will be many trials (seeming obstacles in the path of serving God.)

5726 (1966)

Our generation is a reincarnation of the Jews who left Egypt.

All the Talmudic signs point that we are the final generation of exile.  

5727 (1967)

The Mitzvah is called after the person who completes it (which will be us..) so we need to wake UP!

5728 (1968)

By bringing Jews closer to Judaism, we expand God’s “playing field.”

5729 (1969)

We now have an incredible power and opportunity through the Rebbe (the Rebbe referred to the Previous Rebbe) to accomplish.

5729 (1969)

Because we are the generation that (reincarnated from ) the generation that left Egypt, hence our redemption is also theirs.

We have a tremendous responsibility – as we  bring redemption, elevating all of the past – and hence the great secrets of the Torah, Chassidus have been given to us.

  5733 (1973)

As we are right before the infinite light of Moshiach, it is like right before sunrise, when the darkness is greatest.

   5734 (1974)

The most important thing to bring Moshiach are practical Mitvos of good deeds etc.

Before the complete light of redemption, the folly / darkness of foolishness progresse

In order to bring Redemption, this requires strenuous Divine service.

The main task is not to care what scoffers, mockers, anti-Judaism, will denigrate.

   5735 (1975)

As the darkness (confusion) of exile is so strong, G-d makes the challenge (to discover truth, God etc.) easier.

  5736 (1976)

As the exile began, we entered into the final push (for Moshiach.)

At this time, the power that will get us through is absolute blind faith.

  5737 (1977)

The main thing now is practical Tzeddakah and acts of kindness – literally saving lives (as well as spiritually.)

And this should be done with humility.

We have the extraordinary privilege of ending all of exile, and this could be through the next best deed.

The main Mitzvah is charity – giving.

Though we may be small, but we stand on the shoulders of our giant ancestors.

Our Rebbes encouraged us, that when we meet a fellow Jew, we should teach Chassidic inspiration.

In this generation certainly we will listen to God, as this is the final push.

  5738 (1978)


Our sages teach, that every day in the generation preceding Moshiach the curses (darkness, confusion, stupidity) increase, hence we must strengthen ourselves (immerse ourselves in Torah, Mitzvos, light, love, God) as the best cure, is preventive.

Moshiach is about to come, all that is left (like a soldier getting ready for inspection) is to polish our buttons – Our hearts already shine!

Through standing ready – the king Arrives!

  5739 (1979)

Precisely because there is so much darkness to overcome, and the way to win can only be through alacrity and energy, one must always be happy.

We are finishing up the final birrurim (elevating the captured sparks.)

The main service is Teshuvah (returning to God.)

  5741 (1941)

As Moshiach is about to come, and the thing that will bring Him is unconditional love, therefore the Yetzer Hara does all in his power (to create discord.)

What we now must be focused on, is removing the cause of exile (namely hate.)

We must evoke in ourselves the attribute of the desire to win – to overcome the darkness and bring Moshiach.

The special mission of our generation is to spread the teachings of Chassidus, and Judaism, to the extent of getting people to actually do Mitzvos, such as beginning with the Ten Point Mitzvah Campaign https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chabad_mitzvah_campaigns – this should be done joyously and publicly.     

There is

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