If we look at all of reality from the beginning to the end of time, we find, apart from the many many many different physical, botanical, zoological systems – more systems than we will ever be able to know or understand… – but just within human sociology there are basically three systems: the first system is the group which is based on fear – such groups which obviously totalitarian regimes run, basically have a system in which if they can use power to their advantage, irrespective of who they hurt, they shall do so – this was the main system how humanity behaved until the Torah / Bible came and began to espouse a system based on Justice and Compassion, this of-course greatly influenced the Judeo-Christian modern world, which includes, whether people realize or not… they are part of a much more civilized system – and then finally there is always the anarchists within such systems, for based on their their sexual ludicrous perversions, or their narcissistic delusions, the need to abrogate the existing system to allow their predilections and evil to manifest – and obviously such people are, terrorists; we now have these radical movements, mainly the radical left in America, but this notion which often begins by Professors who deluded into grandeur – they believe that they are “the be all and end all” and this itself creates a narcissistic jealousy – the sum total of reality is that throughout all of human history, it is this moral decay which causes all the good Justice and civilized societies, to literally implode

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