The Understanding, Managing And Improving – YOU

We first and foremost come from 1

Before anything existed Hashem (G-d – the Creator, beyond all time, space and limitation, filled with unconditional love and respect) existed.   
As everything must come from the 1 (as nothing comes from nothing) therefore our soul – life-force, Spirit is part of the 1.   
That is why similar to 1, we have compassion and a desire for goodness and kindness.   

However to make life rewarding (which can only come from accomplishment, which can only from challenge) the 1 also made evil.

Evil is bad desires.   
Let’s talk about desire – everything a person will ever think, say or do, is based on desire (if you did not want to, why would you… – although sometimes the desire is protection – we see this, whereas unfortunately a depressed person who loses self-love (so lack of desire for self) stops caring about all their desires.)   

So first and foremost let’s discuss our innate desires

As mentioned our Soul coming from the 1 has desire for truth, compassion, goodness and kindness, but this soul goes into another animal soul, which desires supremacy (and gets angry when it thinks it is entitled, but didn’t get what it is entitled to) Pleasure (such as tasty food, music, even intellectual ideas) Fun – Chatting etc. and finally laziness and victimization.   
We also desire to live – exist – be remembered – make a meaningful difference.   
Now the location of the G-dly soul, is in the mind, and the location of the animal soul is in the left side of the heart – so that’s why we can use our mind to control our desires – we do this by telling ourselves what to do (and if you don’t listen to yourself, shout at yourself – it is  CRITICAL! THAT YOU GAIN SELF-CONTOL (otherwise, like a person on a horse, but without the reigns, the horse will simply go wherever it desires – we see this with the terrible epidemic of drugs – people literally killing themselves because of a desire.)   
If we don’t control our desires, then our desire will control us – this is not something anyone can escape, for we always have a mind, and always have desire and one will be winning – the good news is the more you learn to control your desires the better you get. 

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