As we are fast approaching both elections and Rosh Hashana, where the fate of humanity stands…

As we are fast approaching both elections and Rosh Hashana, where the fate of humanity stands…

It pays to realize a Kabbalistic doctrine.

If G-d knows the future (after all He makes it…) why for example would He first create a world – give man (what is called a Yetzer Hara – represented by the snake in the Garden of Eden – effectively within us all, there are demon/s, who seek to entice us and certainly distract us from our holy sacred Divine mission…) Why create the tendencies which caused, as the Torah tells us: the land became filled with robbery and violence, and G-d regreted the world, upon realizing that no one was seeking to do good? (but Noach.)

And then G-d continues to destroy the world and restart it – and if all of that is not a bit bizarre, He then actually feels bad that He destroyed humanity and promises never again – “wearas man’s heart has these evil tendencies from childhood” – how could the same logic used to destroy the world, be used to make it endure?!

This is a very important Kabalistic doctrine called Chessed, Din and Rachamim.

Wearas to begin with (using relationships – which this is – as an example) there is a sense of happiness (such as “the honeymoon phase”) and in this state we give – however when we find that the other partner doesn’t give back (it’s just take, take, take – and even worse violence etc.) then our hearts turn away – but (in this case, being also the judge of the world) after having harshly (globally) acted upon the anger, and the other is completely humbled (and hence now in a positive state!) the new passion that is evoked, is mercy.

It is my hope that similar to the catastrophic flood which preceded the (re)birth of a better world, this Corona calamity actually portends to the rebirth of the soon to be Messianic redemption – a redemption in which, as if awakening from a dream, the past (nightmare) not only disappears, but forever, we live in Joy, Torah, Mitzvos, Global Safety, Unity and Spirituality.

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