We now are literally in 2020, with literally 5,780 years of 20/20 hindsight vision, and when we study all of the greatest discoveries, everything boils down to only five facts: which is number one, the only real existence is the first cause of all causes; number two, the first cause imagined what He would create, and seeing our greatness, for the first cause is not great… – the notion of greatness is a relative notion, and firstly before there was anything else, was nothing to compare – secondly, in any event being infinite, and we being finite, there is nothing to compare – rather seeing our greatness in his infinite humility, invoked a tremendous love for us, and love creates unconditional giving, and the way He gives unconditionally, apart from the physical creation, Itself Epic Miracles!, but He allows us through battling the darkness, to not only find light, but BECOME A SOURCE OF IT