The Rebbe On Money

When one is blessed with wealth it is obvious a. that “The best must be given to G-d” – use one’s tranquility to ensure that the city should have G-d’s Shechina.

When one has a lot of money they must give a lot of Tzedakah.

When one has much wealth, this is because they have designated by G-d to help others, and when they do, they not only fulfill their mission but are given even more.

We see clearly that those who make money are not satisfied (so it because like an insatiable appetite) the main thing is to use it for good purposes.

For those who are down and are afraid – though they are wealthy – that in ten years they will lose… – they mustn’t worry.

Every American dollar has on it: In G-d We Trust.

The fact that on the money we have relevant information about G-d, shows the two are not contradictions.

The substance of coinage comes from the bottom of the earth, and we using it for good things elevate it.

We should invest in Israel.