I am only absolutely certain about five facts – the first is that the only reality is God, everything else is like graphics – the second is that the only reason we exist is because like a parent who already has respect for his child in advance, and wishes for the child to be able to grow, develop, and become an independent happy giver😅 so too, is everything that was created, to help us👍 – the third is, in order for us to grow there has to be an enemy – just like in a video game,🎮 you’ll never play a game that doesn’t have a challenge – and the challenge is the stupid predilections that the Yetzer Hara puts within man, and that often permeates vast swaths of humanity, 4th is that God will never tell you something that isn’t going to be in your interest ✔️and V is God will never make you arrogant

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