Just as every animal is defined by very few possible instincts – so it is desire and fear – the former is what will feel good and the latter is what will not, and if you understand the sum total of all of the desires, say of a moth which possibly is: living, hunger, light and occasionally procreation, therefore you have clarity as to who the moth is – “a living mobile creature that desires life, food, light and procreation, hence conversly doesn’t desire death suffering and darkness” – so if you understand the sum total of a human desire, namely fire: ego/arrogance b. water pleasure (which comes in many forms, even intellect – as there were kings in the olden days who could have done anything, but focused on wisdom – music – food etc.) air: fun and earth: laziness – now we recognize that within higher life forms there is also identification – a moth doesn’t think about the moth “community,” but a normal human – even a buffalo, for example, thinks about the fact that others are like me… therefore I sense, compassion – but – and this is super-important, within us are Divine qualities – we seek truth, we seek to fulfill our mission – and the reason this is important for whearas the moth and the buffolo can be connected only with their physical needs, unless we indulge in our spirit, in, for men getting married, contributing, for women getting married, having children, helping their husbands, and others… and then indivudally different men have unique roles – generally “masters of Torah” and “Masters of good deeds” – we will always suffer

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