Rebbe Sicha quotes

This week’s Parsha speaks about the division of the land and this of course is the concept of taking an ordinary land and transforming it into God’s dwelling.

We do this of course through Torah and Mitzvos.

The fact of the matter is, that every Mitzvah we use, our thoughts / intent, our speech / blessing, and then the actual deed.

This is because the world itself comprises of the “universes” of thought, speech and actions – while using them for God, we bring God into all universes.

Whatever we are into… we should be at that moment, completely into.

Even a preparation for a Mitzvah, say for example washing your hands for Hamoitzie is also a Mitzvah!

Even though we are soon to go into Israel, at this moment we must be fully focused at the task at hand.

Wherever we are in the world we are there to spread light!

One may I ask – how can I – a small person in a small place – bring Moshiach? – but the answer is, that each microcosm, is a DNA of the macro.

So if we do Torah and Mitzvos with all our heart and soul in our location, we energetically bring Moshiach to the universe.