Understand this, understand life – as Kabbalah (in fact the primary concept) teaches (but using modern psychology /lingo) we can either be controlled by our emotions (heart) or mind – if we are controlled by our heart (much like a car that is either going forward or reverse – toward or away) we have love (toward what we desire) and fear (away from what may cause us harm) now when we have no fear, and have love (this is by people who have never been hurt – shamed etc.) then as love is a desire FOR (and as the saying “love is blind” – for as the emotion dominates the intellect ) hence we “hear no evil – see no evil” (certainly the ability to love – like an addict that can’t see a problem with his addiction – supersedes logic…) on the flip side, when we are afraid (so this is someone who has been hurt, and doesn’t wish to be hurt again – so say we God-forbid fear criticism (which can cause perfectionism – a protective mechanism to avoid criticism) then in fact we become experts at judging (you see by judging others, this allow us to – “justifiably” – stay away from them… – so the love part in us would like to connect, but the fear part wants to protect us, so the mind – the servant of the emotion – creates an idea that gives us the right to be rude…) but there is a third – oh’ the third… – the wonderful middle of the rode!- the golden rule! – if you can have faith – if you can believe that the past was a present, and the present is a opportunity – you see, if you don’t live life in how things “make me feel” but in the idea of “how must I make things feel” – now you have the drive to go forward with wide open – not judgment, but also non-naive eyes… – DRIVE!