It is safe to assume that you are far stupid than Einstein, and Einstein was very clear that we don’t understand! as he said, “we do not have the truth of the old boss (God,) but when we do, I am sure that it will be both simple and beautiful;” (for all of his quest in science was to “discover God’s mind” – which he didn’t…) however in mysticism, the truth which really is very simple and remarkably beautiful (of course beauty is coalescence – like many notes or colors coalescing – creating a sum greater than its parts) so the simple truth is a. each and every one of us is INFINITE – we are conscious at any given moment, well, of any given moment – however our consciousness (which is pretty much exactly what we are) travels through highs and lows, ideas; pride, loss; pleasure, pain; and as we journey through the sea of time/life we discover – and Discover… – and these discoveries, like nature and nurture, become our consciousness, and because we all seek to discover and love to share our discoveries, the symphony of life is eternal – now go Discover some more!

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