The whole truth, nothing but, so help me God; you know we have to ask a question – in our past century, there has been extraordinary positive strides – we went from a world in which killing (the other “tribe…” country… – antisemitism – “inferior people” etc.) became taboo (now, this is very very important, for only a complete vicious idiot says, “reality has to be the way I see it!…” without having the context of past, present, future…) so when we consider how countries wontedly would make war (heck, there were 100 year wars! – over the course of human history, at least 300,000,000 people have been murdered (in war – and based on more recent estimates, jut in India alone, Islam whose brutality, savagery, and racism (against non-Muslims) is unmatched… killed an additional 400,000,000 in take over India (at times.) So when world powers, such as Britain, France, Belgium, Russia etc. give up territories / holdings, only as it’s the right thing to do – and closer to home (America) when suffrage, women rights, black rights have been implemented, these are major steps forward! – so now we have to wonder… these black radicals, radical feminists, certainly terrorists (pro-Islam, pro Hamas, pro terrorism) are they forces of construction – in other words, are they actually seeking the fundamental truth which is All People Should Be Respected – and all people includes white – after all they too are people… – or are they actually the very evil they hate

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