Our mind has five states, if you understand this you will understand pretty much the entire mind of a human – the first state is calm to anxious, and this can actually actually be measured from the alpha and beta and theta delta and gamma rays II is happy or sad, and this can certainly be measured in the bloodstream, and it makes a very big difference, because a happy mind has positive energy, and has a greater ability to think, and the more a person can think, the better their ability to solve issues – the other part of the mind is to what extent the person is a narcissist versus containing self shame, so in the former they think that they can do anything and in the latter they often are afraid of doing anything – and obviously so far, as you can see, the balanced state, which is not too prideful nor shameful, including not too happy nor sad, for being too happy can quickly take someone to illusions of grandeur, such as in narcissistic pride, and of-course not too nervous, but likewise not to calm

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