As coivd beomes… Am I the only person who realizes that what Obama brought to the consciousness of the innocent fools (naive people with zero real life experience) is a new reverse racism (you see it’s all over, in TV, in politics, in young people -blacks are automatically cool, smart and of course morally correct : ) – and whites automatically dumb, sinister… (hence the shame and believing in personal inferiority) and must of course give blacks all their land and money – now whose the fool? – are you…? – or maybe Obama is what’s called a narcissist… who believes that they are SUPERIOR and maybe the black radicals – in Chicago, where he is from, are all the narcissistic reverse racism promoters, such as Jesse Jackson… – so just because he can speak well, got a good education (he actually had zero to do with blacks historically – he was raised by his white mother, Islamic step-father and crazy radical grandfather for a time)

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