Alter Rebbe quotes Chukas-Balak

The Torah begins exceptionally deep, and therefore we have the written Torah, and then develops on a lower level into the oral Torah.

It is for this reason the soul comes into the body to fulfill the Mitzvahs of the Torah.

All of Torah and Mitzvahs is Ratzu / Vshuv, yearning and returning.

The way we yearn for God is realizing that even infinity is nothing compared to Him, so every single Revelation, even the highest heavens, is 0 compared to infinity.

However when we understand that because the infinity of God is everywhere, therefore higher is not higher than lower, He is right here, and we receive more Revelation, simply through doing the Mitzvahs.

Every Mitzvah has this quality of yearning and returning.

Mainly the concept is the merging of the mind which is like water, and the heart which is like fire.

The secret of the Para Aduma is the concept that the red heifer represents the powerful desire, which is the motivator of all of our thoughts speech and actions, however even though there are evil thoughts speech and actions which we must remove ourselves from – the power of desire itself is not evil.

Each and every Miyzvah, in fact each and every letter of the Torah, reveals a different Ray of the Divine Light.

Whenever we study Torah, we should do it with actually saying the words, as this draws down Divinity into that subject – as the famous teaching that “whoever studies about the Olah sacrifice, it is as if he has offered it.”

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