Many people wonder what exactly is happening, and in order to understand life, you have to understand the purpose of life – it’s like a martian trying to understand a home without understanding that it is a place for humans to live, and the purpose of life is 10 things: the first is God wishes to guide you! many times the Bible speaks about a personal God; the second is, life is about love! the third, life is about defending against those who are jealous of love and seek to destroy it! the fourth, life is a process, an infinite process! of growth! V, is that in order to be good, you have to have a truth which is greater than you! the Germans for example were great scientists, and they were thinking of the most heinous ways of suffocating people to death, because they didn’t have a sense of a greater God than themselves : ( of course the 6th is that God gave us the Torah, and to the extent that you submit to it, is the extent that you will be good and not evil! the seventh is not to think that others are going to get away with murder, because for every deed that is done, good or evil, there is karma, whether in this lifetime, another lifetime, or in heaven! – There is no good or no bad that is not repaid in kind! the eighth is the notion that soon the Moshiach which will literally transform the world from a basically somewhat civilized, thank God!… which took us five thousand years… to a miraculous world, and in that world, ultimately Only the Good Will remain! and in fact is that there will be a resurrection of the good dead! the 9th is that there’s a Holy Temple already built waiting to come down! Jerusalem will be the focal point! the Jewish people will be revered! great secrets of God will be revealed! every person will be a prophet, at least the Jewish people! the Gentiles will seek to help them and receive their wisdom! which is why as this is soon approaching, this reality is occurring! and the 10th and most important reason for creation which is a very personal process, is the ability for God and man to merge!