if you understand this… for every single thing possible is within it and that is that were all a set of four, pretty much opposites – let’s call them frequencies – let’s start with the good news, which is that our soul is really God, and our soul would like to guide us to do goodness, kindness, truth, justice, compassion etc. – the next semi-decent news is what makes us different to an animal is we have a mind which seeks for things to make sense – the next thing which we actually have in common with an animal, is we have instincts; instincts, as in all animals, are towards pleasure and away from pain – and also critical to understand is survival – it’s a key desire, and that relates to something very deep and difficult to understand, and that is our ego – ego is the belief in our own ability or power – now the way it works is, as we receive when we are a child, we begin to imagine that we received because we are powerful… and we begin to fall in love with ourselves, which is the general tendency – the trouble is that the current of power is a sense of intolerance


What is the ideal?

Of-course this is the million dollar question.

Certainly no one known the purpose of life, better than the Creator.

If the programmer of a game would obviously know better than the player its purpose and how to win, the same applies to the Creator and us.

G-d gives us in fact two ideals – as everything contains a body and a soul – likewise the Torah.

In the Body of the Torah, we find how to live as a Jew, such as keeping kosher, being kind, forgiving etc.

However the Kabbalah/Chassidus, the soul of the Torah…

In the soul of the Torah, we discover that we are infinite – in fact the universe, and of course its source, G-d and the Torah (the universe’s blueprints) are likewise.

Practically this means, each and every one of us has like a solider, a duty to always be looking for the next Mitzvah, act of goodness and kindness – you see, the goal of Torah is to create civility, the goal of the soul, is to create unity.