If I had to share the five paradigms which means fundamental understandings, that matter…: 1. As all of human history has proven, hence the present is no exception, 99.9% of humanity live in false paradigms 2. As is obvious, the only one who truly knows the truth, is the Creator of everyone and everything, for the truth is not what something is, but the purpose of why it is. 3. Now the Creator in his kindness sent in every generation since Moses a prophet, sometimes they were known, sometimes they were not, but the bottom line is, they are the only ones in the generation that have the complete access to the wisdom, both from the knowledge of the past, but perhaps equally if not more importantly, from the Divine connection in the present; as such, if you wish to know the truth, you have to study the wisdom of these great saints, beginning with Moses, concluding with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. 4 Though this wisdom is vast, nonetheless it boils down to three simple principles: number one, don’t be a jerk, number two, be kind, compassionate, even to the point of giving your life for another that you never met, number three, reality is not a multiple choice, it gives you options, but every option creates a consequence… positive or negative; and number five, and this is very important, To the extent that you seek God, is the extent that God reveals Himself to you