With The Help Of Our Loving Father

Vision: A World In Safety, In Mutual Harmony, Cooperation, Individual Growth & Prosperity

Mission: For As Many Governments As Possible to Adopt The US (Unity & Safety) Platform

The 12 Governmental Mechanism

In the seven Noahide laws, Governments– representatives of the citizens- are obligated to create a justice system.


Let’s use a real life example

8:00 a.m. on October 7, 1969, the Montreal police went on strike

Steven Pinker, the psychologist who was born and grew up in Montreal recalled how the wildcat police strike and the lawlessness that followed changed his views:

“As a young teenager in proudly peaceable Canada during the romantic 1960s, I was a true believer in Bakunin’s anarchism. I laughed off my parents’ argument that if the government ever laid down its arms all hell would break loose. Our competing predictions were put to the test at 8:00 a.m. on October 7, 1969, when the Montreal police went on strike. By 11:20 am, the first bank was robbed. By noon, most of the downtown stores were closed because of looting. Within a few more hours, taxi drivers burned down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers, a rooftop sniper killed a provincial police officer, rioters broke into several hotels and restaurants, and a doctor slew a burglar in his suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order. This decisive empirical test left my politics in tatters (and offered a foretaste of life as a scientist).” Pinker 2003, p. 331

The Montreal Gazette reported on 8 October 1969:

“Fires, explosions, assaults and a full-pitched gun-battle kept Montrealers huddled indoors as the reign of terror brought the city to the edge of chaos and resulted in the call for the Army help… Hundreds of looters swept through downtown Montreal last night as the city suffered one of the worst outbreaks of lawlessness in its history. Hotels, banks, stores and restaurants around the Ste-Catherine-Peel Street axis had their windows smashed by rock-tossing youths. Thousands of spectators looked on as looters casually picked goods out of store-front windows.”

The Rabbis of yore perhaps saying it harrowingly best “without law and order people would eat other literally alive.”

Within all people are competing tendencies as Freud called it the life and death instinct.

There is a part of us that loves (and would even give our life for those we love) and there is a part of us (usually buried in deep layers of subconscious denial) that hates (and is happy, as we see with Muslim terrorists, as we saw with nazis, and many other cultures, even ready to give their life just to murder.)

When anger (the cause of hate, the cause of maliciousness/evil) come to a person (“that’s not fair!”) there is no telling what another will do.

It goes without saying that those that stand to “gain” the most from lawlessness such as black (or any color) gangs, are those protesting law and order the most.

Many people have resentment – this may have been (say in the case of President Obama who wrote a book “Dreams of My Father”) from fatherhood childhood abandonment (this in fact can create anxiety disorders which themselves cause resentment – for “its not fair that you live a happy life (which is what everyone truly desires most) while I must suffer incessant anxiety..” – and the moment we feel something is unfair, we become angry.

Certainly if you stole my possession this would cause me anger – so having a legal system to a. protect people from those who have generalized hate (of course this is the motive behind serial killers, rapists etc.) and behind those who have a genuine grudge – say my business partner (or someone ) stole money… is societies first and foremost duty.

This cannot be overstated, the first and foremost role of any government is to have not only  a legal system – In which the laws are equally applicable, but also the ability to enforce it – as the Islamic quote “better a hundred years of tyranny than one day of anarchy” – for in the former, the majority can sleep.

That being said our current system of incarceration is ridiculous – in America there are two million people in Jail, that’s almost 1 out of every 150 people – jail as studies show doesn’t work, (furthermore it brands the person and then they can’t get a job – so it’s not just a sentence say for a year, it’s a life of hell.)

Far better (at least for non violent crimes – though in Judaism this is even for violent crimes besides rape and murder, where capital punishment is applied – though to apply a captial punishment, one must be very very certain – beyond any shadow of doubt) so for example for theft, one pays back double – for harming someone one pays their medical expenses, the time of work, the value of the pain (how much would someone pay to not have this pain) the embarrassment (how much would some pay to not have that done to them.)

#2 International relations

Perhaps nothing has caused more useless meaningless, future death than war.


What follows is taken from Wikipdea and is 15 pages of all known conflicts in the past 2,500 years – If You Wish Scroll

Three Kingdoms War36,000,000–40,000,000 184–280Wei vs. Shu Vs. WuChina 
Yellow Turban Rebellion3,000,000–7,000,000 184–205Peasants vs. Eastern Han ChinaChina 
Punic Wars1,250,000–1,850,000 264 BC–146 BCRoman Republic vs. Carthaginian EmpireWestern Europe / North Africa 
Gallic Wars1,000,000+ 58 BC–50 BCRoman Republic vs. Gallic tribesFrance 
Jewish–Roman Wars350,000–2,000,000 66–136Roman Empire vs. JewsMiddle East/North Africa 
Second Punic War770,000+ 218 BC–201 BCRoman Republic vs. Carthaginian EmpireWestern Europe / North Africa 
Qin’s Wars of Unification700,000+[citation needed] 230 BC–221 BCQin state vs. Han, Zhou, Yan, Wei, Chu, Qi StatesChina 
First Jewish–Roman War270,000–1,358,400 66–73Roman Empire vs. JewsMiddle East 
Bar Kokhba Revolt580,000+ 132–136Roman Empire vs. JewsMiddle East 
Cimbrian War410,000–650,000 113 BC–101 BCRoman Empire vs. Cimbri and TeutonesWestern Europe 
Kitos War440,000+ 115–117Roman Empire vs. JewsSouthern Europe / North Africa 
First Punic War400,000+ 264 BC–241 BCRoman Republic vs. Carthaginian EmpireSouthern Europe / North Africa 
Probus’s German War400,000+ 277Roman Empire vs. GermansEurope 
Gothic War (269)320,000+ 269Roman Empire vs. GothsEurope 
Third Punic War150,000–250,000 149 BC–146 BCRoman Republic vs. Carthaginian EmpireTunisia 
Kalinga War150,000–200,000
[citation needed]
 262 BC–261 BCMaurya Empire vs. State of KalingaIndia 
Hunnic Invasions165,000+
[citation needed]
 395–453Roman Empire vs. Hunnic tribesEurope 
Iceni Revolt150,000+[2] 60–61Roman Empire vs. Celtic tribesEngland 
Wars of the Sixteen Kingdoms150,000+
[citation needed]
 304–439Northern Chinese StatesNorthern China 
Wars of Alexander the Great142,000+ 336 BC–323 BCMacedonian Empire and other Greek City-States vs. various statesMiddle East / North Africa / Central Asia / India 
Conquests of Cyrus the Great100,000+ 549 BC–530 BCPersian Empire vs. various statesMiddle East 
Greco–Persian Wars73,800+73,800499 BC–449 BCGreek City-States vs. Persian EmpireGreece 
Gothic War (376–382)40,000+40,000376–382Roman Empire vs. GothsEastern Europe 
Samnite Wars33,500+33,500343 BC–290 BCRoman Republic vs. SamnitesItaly 
Moorish Wars5,000,000+ 534–548Moors vs. Byzantine EmpireNorth Africa 
Arab–Byzantine Wars130,000+ 629–1050Byzantine Empire and allies vs. Islamic Empire and AlliesMiddle East / North Africa / Southern Europe 
Reconquista7,000,000+ 711–1492Spanish and Portuguese states vs. Muslim statesIberian Peninsula 
An Lushan Rebellion13,000,000–36,000,000 755–763Tang Dynasty China and Islamic Empire vs. Yan stateChina / Vietnam 
Goryeo–Khitan Wars90,000+ 993–1019Liao Empire vs. Goryeo KingdomKorea 
Lý–Song War600,000+ 1075–1077Song Empire vs. Dai Viet Kingdom under Lý dynastyChina, Vietnam 
Crusades1,000,000–3,000,000 1095–1291Originally Byzantine Empire vs. Seljuq Empire, but evolved into Christians vs. Muslims.Europe / Middle East (“Holy Land“) 
Albigensian Crusade200,000–1,000,000 1208–1229Papal States and France vs. Cathartic StatesFrance 
Mongol conquests30,000,000–40,000,000 1206–1368Mongol Empire vs. Several Eurasian statesEurasia 
Wars of Scottish Independence60,000-150,000 1296–1357Scotland vs. EnglandScotland / England
Hundred Years’ War2,300,000–3,300,000 1337–1453House of Valois vs. House of PlantagenetWestern Europe 
Conquests of Timur8,000,000–20,000,000 1370–1405Timurid Empire vs. several middle eastern statesEurasia 
Conquests of Mehmed II ‘the Conqueror’873,000+ 1451–1481Ottoman Empire vs. Various south European statesEastern Europe 
Wars of the Roses35,000–50,000 1455–1487House of Lancaster, House of Tudor, and allies vs. House of York and alliesEngland / Wales 





Modern wars with greater than 25,000 deaths by death toll

Italian Wars300,000–400,000  1494–1559Holy Roman Empire, Spain, and some Italian States vs. France, Ottoman Empire, and some Italian statesSouthern Europe 
Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire24,300,000+  1519–1632Spanish Colonial Empire vs. Aztec EmpireMexico 
Spanish conquest of Yucatán1,460,000+  1519–1595Spanish Colonial Empire vs. Mayan StatesNorth America 
Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire8,400,000+  1533–1572Spanish Colonial Empire vs. Inca EmpirePeru 
Campaigns of Suleiman the Magnificent200,000+  1521–1566Ottoman Empire vs. several Balkan, African, and Arabian StatesEastern Europe / Middle East / North Africa 
German Peasants’ War100,000+  1524–1525German Peasants vs. Swabian LeagueGermany 
French Wars of Religion2,000,000–4,000,000  1562–1598Protestants vs. France vs. CatholicsFrance 
Eighty Years’ War600,000–700,000  1568–1648Dutch Republic, England, Scotland, and France vs. Spanish EmpireWorldwide 
Anglo-Spanish War (1585–1604)138,285+  1585–1604Spanish Empire and allies vs. Kingdom of England and alliesEurope / Americas 
Japanese invasions of Korea1,000,000+  1592–1598Kingdom of Great Joseon and Ming China vs. JapanKorea 
Transition from Ming to Qing25,000,000+  1616–1683Qing China vs. Ming China vs. Shun dynasty China (Li Zicheng) vs. Xi dynasty China (Zhang Xianzhong vs. Kingdom of Shu (She-An Rebellion) vs. EvenkDaur federation (Bombogor )China 
Thirty Years’ War3,000,000–11,500,000  1618–1648Pro-Habsburg states vs. Anti-Habsburg statesEurope 
Franco-Spanish War (1635–59)200,000+  1635–1659France and Allies vs. Spain and AlliesWestern Europe 
Wars of the Three Kingdoms876,000+  1639–1651Royalists vs. Covenanters vs.Union of the Irish vs. Scottish Protestants vs. ParliamentariansBritish Isles 
English Civil War356,000–735,000  1642–1651Royalists vs. ParliamentariansEngland 
Mughal–Maratha Wars5,000,000+  1658-1707Maratha empire vs. Mughal EmpireIndia-Bangladesh 
Franco-Dutch War220,000+  1672–1678France and allies vs. Dutch Republic and alliesWestern Europe 
Great Turkish War120,000+  1683–1699Ottoman Empire vs. European Holy LeagueEastern Europe 
Great Northern War350,000+  1700–1721Russia and allies vs. Swedish EmpireEastern Europe 
War of the Spanish Succession400,000–1,251,000  1701–1714Grand Alliance vs. Bourbon AllianceEurope / Americas 
Maratha expeditions in Bengal400,000+  1741–1751Maratha Empire vs. Nawab of BengalIndia 
Seven Years’ War868,000–1,400,000  1756–1763Great Britain and allies vs. France and AlliesWorldwide 
Sino-Burmese War (1765–69)70,000+  1765–1769Burma vs. Qing ChinaSoutheast Asia 
Tây Sơn rebellion1,200,000–2,000,000+  1771–1802Tây Sơn rebels then dynasty (British supports) and Chinese pirates vs Nguyễn lords, Trịnh lords, Lê dynasty of Vietnam; Siam; Qing dynasty of China; Kingdom of Vientiane; French army.Southeast Asia 
American Revolutionary War37,324+  1775–1783United States and allies vs. British Empire and German MercenariesWorldwide 
French campaign in Egypt and Syria65,000+  1798–1801France vs. Ottoman Empire and Great BritainMiddle East / North Africa 
Saint-Domingue expedition135,000+  1802–1803France vs. Haiti and UKHaiti 
Napoleonic Wars3,500,000–7,000,000  1803–1815Coalition powers vs. French empire and alliesWorldwide 
French invasion of Russia540,000+  1812French Empire vs. RussiaRussia 
Spanish American Wars of Independence600,000+  1808–1833Spain and Portugal vs. American IndependentistsAmericas 
Venezuelan War of Independence228,000+  1810–1823Spain vs. Venezuelan statesVenezuela 
Mfecane1,500,000–2,000,000  1815–1840Ethnic communities in south AfricaSouthern Africa 
Carlist Wars200,000+  1820–1876Carlist Insurgents vs. SpainSpain 
French conquest of Algeria480,000-1,000,000  1830–1903France vs. Algerian resistanceAlgeria 
Taiping Rebellion20,000,000-100,000,000  1850–1864Qing China vs. Taiping Heavenly KingdomChina 
Crimean War356,000–410,000  1853–1856Ottoman Empire and allies vs. RussiaCrimean Peninsula 
Panthay Rebellion890,000–1,000,000  1856–1873Qing China vs. HuiChina 
Indian Rebellion of 1857800,000–10,000,000  1857–1858Sepoy Mutineers vs. British East India CompanyIndia 
American Civil War650,000–1,000,000  1861–1865United States vs. Confederate StatesUSA 
Dungan Revolt8,000,000–12,000,000  1862–1877Qing China vs. Hui vs. KashgariaChina 
French intervention in Mexico49,287+  1862–1867Mexican Republicans vs. France and Mexican EmpireMexico 
Paraguayan War300,000–1,200,000  1864–1870Triple alliance vs. ParaguaySouth America 
Ten Years’ War241,000+  1868–1878Spain vs. CubaCuba 
Conquest of the Desert30,000–35,000  1870s–1884Argentina vs. Mapuche peoplePatagonia 
Aceh War97,000–107,000  1873–1914Kingdom of the Netherlands vs. Aceh SultanateIndonesia 
First Sino–Japanese War48,311+  1894–1895Qing China vs. JapanEast Asia 
Cuban War of Independence362,000+  1895–1898USA and Cuba vs. SpainCuba 
Thousand Days’ War120,000+  1899–1902Colombian Conservatives vs. Colombian LiberalsColombia 
South African War (Second Boer War)73,000–90,000  1899-1902United Kingdom and allies vs. South African Republic and Orange Free StateSouth Africa 
Philippine–American War234,000+  1899–1912Philippines vs. USAPhilippines 
Mexican Revolution500,000–2,000,000  1910–1920Revolutionary Forces vs. Anti-Revolutionary ForcesMexico 
Balkan Wars140,000+  1912–1913see Balkan warsBalkan Peninsula 
World War I16,000,000–40,000,000+ (the higher estimate also includes the first victims of the related Spanish flu epidemic who died by the end of 1918. Neither includes the subsequent Russian Civil War)  1914–1918Allied Powers vs. Central PowersWorldwide 
Russian Civil War5,000,000–9,000,000  1917–1922Red army and allies vs. White army and alliesRussia 
Iraqi–Kurdish conflict138,800–320,100  1918–2003Kurdistan/Iraqi Kudistan and allies vs. Iraq and alliesIraq 
Kurdish rebellions in Turkey100,000+  1921–presentTurkey vs. Kurdish peopleMiddle East 
Second Italo-Senussi War40,000+  1923–1932Italy vs. Senussi OrderLibya 
Chinese Civil War8,000,000–11,692,000  1927–1949ROC vs. PRCChina 
Chaco War85,000–130,000  1932–1935Bolivia vs. ParaguayGran Chaco 
Second Italo-Ethiopian War278,350+  1935–1936Ethiopian Empire vs. ItalyEthiopia 
Spanish Civil War500,000–1,000,000  1936–1939Nationalists vs. RepublicansSpain 
Second Sino-Japanese War20,000,000–25,000,000  1937–1945Republic of China and allies vs. JapanChina 
World War II56,125,162–85,000,000  1939–1945Allied powers vs. Axis PowersWorldwide 
Winter War153,736–194,837  1939–1940Finland vs. Soviet UnionFinland 
Greco-Italian War27,080+  1940–1941Greece vs. ItalySoutheast Europe 
Continuation War387,333+  1941–1944Finland and Germany vs. Soviet UnionNorthern Europe 
Soviet–Japanese War33,420–95,768  1945Soviet Union and Mongolia vs. JapanManchuria 
First Indochina War400,000+  1946–1954France vs. Việt Minh, Lao Assara, and Khmer IssarakSoutheast Asia 
Greek Civil War158,000+  1946–1949Greek Government army vs. DSEGreece 
Malagasy Uprising11,342–89,000  1947–1948France vs. Malagasy InsurgentsMadagascar 
Kashmir Conflict80,000–110,000  1947– presentIndia vs. PakistanNorth India / Pakistan 
La Violencia192,700–194,700  1948–1958Colombian Conservative Party vs. Colombian Liberal PartyColombia 
Internal conflict in Myanmar130,000–250,000  1948–presentMyanmar vs. Burmese Insurgent GroupsMyanmar 
Arab–Israeli conflict116,074+  1948–presentArab League vs. Israel and USAMiddle East 
Indian annexation of Hyderabad29,212–242,212  1948Dominion of India vs. HyderabadIndia 
Korean War1,500,000-4,500,000  1950–1953South Korea and allies vs. North Korea and alliesKorea 
Algerian War400,000-1,500,000  1954–1962Algeria vs. FranceAlgeria 
Ethnic conflict in Nagaland34,000+  1954–presentIndia and Myanmar vs. Naga PeopleNortheast India 
Vietnam War2,400,000–4,300,000  1955–1975South Vietnam and allies vs. North Vietnam and alliesVietnam 
First Sudanese Civil War500,000+  1955–1972Sudan vs. South Sudanese RebelsSudan 
Congo Crisis100,000+  1960–1965DRC, USA, and Belgium vs. Simba and Kwilu RebelsCongo 
Angolan War of Independence82,991–102,991  1961–1974Angola vs. Portugal and South AfricaAngola 
North Yemen Civil War100,000–200,000  1962–1970Kingdom of Yemen and Saudi Arabia vs. Yemen Arab Republic and United Arab RepublicYemen 
Mozambican War of Independence63,500–88,500  1964–1974FRELIMO vs. PortugalMozambique 
Insurgency in Northeast India25,000+  1964–presentIndia and allies vs. Insurgent GroupsNortheast India 
Colombian conflict220,000+  1964–presentColombia and allies vs. Far Left guerillas and Far Right paramilitaresColombia 
Nigerian Civil War1,000,000-3,000,000  1967–1970Nigeria vs. BiafraNigeria 
Moro Conflict120,000+  1969–2019Philippines vs. Jihadist Groups vs. BangsamoroPhilippines 
CPP-NPA-NDF rebellion30,000–43,000  1969–presentPhilippines vs. Communist Party of the PhilippinesPhilippines 
Bangladesh Liberation War3,000,000+  1971India and Bangladesh vs. PakistanBangladesh 
Ethiopian Civil War500,000–1,500,000  1974–1991Derg, PEDR, and Cuba vs. Anti-Communist rebel groupsEthiopia 
Angolan Civil War504,158+  1975–2002MPLA vs. UNITAAngola 
Lebanese Civil War120,000–150,000  1975–1990various groupsLebanon 
Insurgency in Laos100,000+  1975–2007Laos and Vietnam vs. “Secret army” and Hmong peopleLaos 
War in Afghanistan1,240,000–2,000,000  1978–presentsee War in AfghanistanAfghanistan[90]
Kurdish–Turkish conflict45,000+  1978–presentTurkey vs. KCKMiddle East 
Soviet–Afghan War600,000–2,000,000  1979–1989Soviet Union and Afghanistan vs. Insurgent groupsAfghanistan 
Iran–Iraq War289,220–1,100,000  1980–1988Iran and allies vs. Iraq and alliesMiddle East 
Internal conflict in Peru70,000+  1980–presentPeru vs. PCP-SL and MRTAPeru 
Ugandan Bush War100,000–500,000  1981–1986ULNF and Tanzania vs. National Resistance ArmyUganda 
Second Sudanese Civil War1,000,000–2,000,000  1983–2005Sudan vs. South Sudanese rebelsSudan 
Sri Lankan Civil War80,000–100,000  1983–2009Sri Lanka vs. Tamil TigersSri Lanka 
Somali Civil War300,000–500,000  1986–presentVarying Somali governments vs. insurgent groupsSomalia 
Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency100,000–500,000  1987–presentLord’s Resistance Army vs. Central African statesCentral Africa 
Nagorno-Karabakh War38,000+  1988–1994Artsakh and Armenia vs. Azerbaijan and alliesCaucasus region 
Gulf War25,456–40,456  1990–1991Iraq vs. Coalition ForcesIraq 
Algerian Civil War44,000–200,000  1991–2002Algeria vs. FIS loyalists vs. GIAAlgeria 
Bosnian War97,214–104,732  1991–1995Bosnia and Herzegovinian governments and allies vs. Republika Srpska and alliesBosnia 
1991 Iraqi coup d’état attempt85,000–235,000  1991Iraq vs various rebelsIraq 
Sierra Leone Civil War50,000-300,000  1991-2002see Sierra Leone Civil WarSierra Leone 
Burundian Civil War300,000+  1993–2005Burundi vs. Hutu rebels vs. Tutsi rebelsBurundi 
Rwandan genocide800,000  April – July 1994Hutu people vs. Tutsi RebelsRwanda 
First Congo War250,000–800,000  1996–1997Zaire and allies vs. AFDL and alliesCongo 
Second Congo War2,500,000–5,400,000  1998–2003See Second Congo WarCentral Africa 
Ituri conflict60,000+  1999–2003Lendu Tribe vs. Hemu Tribe and alliesCongo 
War on Terror272,000–1,260,000  2001–presentAnti-Terrorist Forces vs. Terrorist groupsWorldwide 
War in Afghanistan (2001–present)47,246–61,603  2001–presentsee War in Afghanistan (2001–present)Afghanistan 
Iraq War151,000-461,000  2003–2011See Iraq WarIraq 
War in Darfur300,000+  2003–presentSRF and allies vs. Sudan and allies vs. UNAMIDSudan 
Kivu Conflict100,000+  2004–presentsee Kivu ConflictCongo 
War in North-West Pakistan45,852–78,946  2004–2017Pakistan, USA, and UK vs. Terrorist groupsPakistan 
Mexican Drug War150,000-250,000  2006–presentMexico vs. Drug cartelsMexico 
Boko Haram insurgency51,567+  2009–presentMultinational Joint Task Force vs. Boko HaramNigeria 
Syrian Civil War570,000+  2011–presentSyrian Arab Republic vs. Republic of Syria vs. ISIL vs. Syrian Democratic ForcesSyria 
Iraqi Civil War (2014–2017)195,000-200,000+  2014–2017Iraq and allies vs. ISILIraq 
Yemeni Civil War91,600+  2015-presentYemen’s Supreme Political Council Vs Hadi Government and Saudi-led CoalitionYemen 

Modern wars with fewer than 25,000 deaths by death toll

In total from the dawn of time of at least 300,000,000 million people have needlessly been murdered and if recent report  about the Islamic incursions into India are correct Islam (guilty of a tremendous amount of violence) in those incursions, was the greatest cause of human misery murder and death (400,000,000) and if one thinks that “scientific enlightened man” is immune, the actual facts is that as hate is in the heart, therefore if the means to deliver a devastating blow are great, then ability to do so is likewise.

Now all wars obviously have three phases:

Phase number 1 hate (using Islamic terrorism as a good example, or nazi hate – this hate is irrational – “I desire to kill you”) number two, mechanism (whether it is building an army or in the case of Iran a nuclear bomb) number 3, execution (again remembering that all it takes to use biochemical or nuclear weapons is the push of a single button we have a to paraphrase Aristotle who wrote “big problems come from small/// Catastrophes, come from huge problems.”)

So what’s the solution?

In the end of the day all wars can be avoided

The legal system around the world – as we know, as Paul Johnson the noted historian wrote that the entire notion of law (and order) comes from the Bible and in the Bible it states (to jurists) “Justice Justice, shall you pursue” – why the double wording? – because the first is for compromise / mediation – and around the world; just first and foremost seek for parties to mediate (mediation which I have a degree in, is a mechanism which parties (as opposed to the law which imposes a winner / loser) are helped to compromise voluntarily.

In other words we both encourage all parties (they could be incentivize if they achieve positive consensus) as well as allow all parties, to have with us a voluntary mediation (this means that no one is obligated, however the mechanism whereby a conversation in which a mediator attempts to create compromise ensues – to make the system work each country should choose a mediator and the two should choose a third (this process should not take more than a week) then the two parties with the three mediators meet and they should try within a week (as deadlines create compromise) this can be extended week to week try to compromise.

Any country that starts this process by simply saying this is how we will end our conflicts, is going to be the role model – and make history – as history is made by the first adopter.

Imagine a world with peaceful resolutions – its up to you!

# 3 it goes without saying – particularly in democracies where governments must please their electorate – that helping those who are in need is correct (with a majority of Amricans support this, for the U.S. Government,) however there has come a dangerous trend in left wing radical thinking in which “rich people are bad” (this may be due to former communists disinformation campaigns that have lingered.)

Without a. security. b. laws c. incentive, people will not create businesses, which means a. the country will have very few services and b. very little income, which means, its ability to do good, is hampered exponentially.

This message – to counter the illusion that money is evil – must be taught in every country.

#4 Having grown up in America – as polls show, most Americans don’t recognize their country – the #1 concern they have (at least when this poll was conducted by Gallup) is the divisiveness– to understand a problem one must look at its root – and the root of this divineness (which as a Jew I can see how it infiltrated into Israel, so these are two countries in which the common-identity was very strong…) is through left wing radical politicians – radicals like Hitler have but one agenda – it’s not the poor they seek to uplift from compassion, rather they hate hate – now Reb Menachem Mende of Kotzk (one of the wisest Rabbis ever said – what is the difference between a lover of truth or a hater of falsehood – the former will find truth and the latter falsehood (the same applies to the difference between a lover of love or a hater of hate, while the former is seeking hence will find love the latter has been (at best) traumatized  by hate and therefore their brain is focused on eliminating hate – the problem of course being, is they use the very same tools they seek to destroy ; ( its like fighting fire with fire, you only cause a much much bigger one.)

Countries must do all in their power to encourage unity

Most of the world desire Democracy Based On Majority Consensus (pew 66%)

​Here is how to practically implement it – for there is also the tyranny of the majority so it must be carefully balanced (for example Switzerland uses this system but by allowing any citizen with five or fifty thousand signatures to put something to the public ballot they have for example managed to ban air conditioning Tralfaz: One of Those Corny 'B' Pictures, Eh?

So the normal healthy balanced and positive way to have Direct Democracy:


A. First determine what are your countries top ten concerns;
B. In countries that must have solutions passed in multiple houses, such as in America, the Congress, Senate and Supreme Court create (ideally Inter-House, as well as Supreme Court vetted) joint proposed solutions;
C. Then the Administration will present a (final) complete Solution to the people – this should be done by a verifiable authentic poll – and if there is 51% agreement introduce legislation.

In other words, instead of war, bickering, bottleneck, we will have peace, functionality and solutions, to our countries most serious issues!

Obviously this process can be repeated indefinitely.

65% of Americans Agree, once the Government comes up with a solution, it should further poll for majority consensus. (Gravis Marketing)

#5 The most important war of-course is the war of life vs holocaust – currently the entire world is under threat from the radical Islamic Jihad which is quite simply to murder everyone. (Though terrorism has somewhat subsided – as President Trump is scary enough to some of the less aggressive players to temporarily be subdued – but many don’t realize the current trend in Islam (of course Islam has mainly three groups: the Sunnis 1.2 billion, the Shiites 200,000,000 (mainly Iran, Iraq, and Syria) and Wahhabism (the version of Islam which founded Saudi Arabia – Wahhabism is a literal interpretation of the Koran (a book which calls directly for the murder of Jews and Christian, over thirty times.) Considering that Wahhabism was aligned to Sunni, hence Wahhabism through Saudi Arabian oil (for example in Pakistan where their madrasas, school of learning, educate 1 million + annually – where the sole study is memorization of the koran and practices of Islam, – so the literal interpretation of Saudi Arabia’s version of Islam, “kill, kill and kill some more…”  results in a million graduates, annually, of you guessed it – “wannabe suicide bombers.”)

When we consider five facts we’ll understand this poses an existential threat:

#1 Pakistan as we speak has 120 Nuclear bombs (and if you are aware of the EMP – electromagnetic pulse – it takes but one (detonated 20 miles above the ground, in the center of a country (God-forbid) to fry the entire electrical grid, resulting in Govt. estimate of 80% of U.S. Citizen dead in a year (that’s a conservative estimate.) Now how many radicals does it take to push a button….

#2 The source of this doctrine, Saudi Arabia, is thanks to Obama, continued with Trump, building 16 nuclear reactors!

#3 Iran is the other side of jihad (for they believe “when the world will be filled with blood up to a horse’s knee, the messiah will come”) they of-course are feverishly working their centrifuges.

#4 Once a person has been indoctrinated, not only can you not unconvinced them, they are ready to give their life to – and do convince more.

#5 Turkey, a Nato ally (if there ever was an irony : ) is working on Nukes, (consider the head of Turkey is part of the Muslim Brotherhood!, perhaps the largest Islamist terrorist organization, and over 50% of the party (Turkey’s Parliament) belong to Islamic radicalism….

Solution To Issue # 5.

  1. 78% of Americans agree, we should not give any Islamic country Nuclear Technology.

 2. 64% of Americans agree we should sanction those who already have.

3. 71% Of Americans Agree, that we should ban Jihadist doctrine on the Internet.
(Remember this is how ISIS – who wantonly murdered, raped, beheaded) was formed.)
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​Intro: 80% of U.S. Mosques, to which millions of otherwise (potentially) peaceful Muslims go to, have been radicalized, as they are being sponsored and indoctrinated by Saudi Arabia Wahhabism.

5. 61% of Americans agree, we should stop foreign funding of local Mosques (as this invites radical doctrines.) Gravis Marketing Poll


6. 73% of Americans agree we should sanction Islamic countries that educate their children to murder. Gravis Marketing Poll

Of course this is based on the assumption that solution # 2 (voluntary mediation won’t work.)

In general it would be wise (though probably unfeasible (Einstein spent a lifetime trying something even less ambitious namely that countries with nuclear technology should limit its spread) that all countries give up all their nukes, as most Americans desire.

#6 Unity vs. Discord – on a familial level our divorce rates are through the roof, lack of marriage as well; (though most would like to…. This may shock you, based on the very good research of David Goldman, an economist whose column is read by intelligent agencies world wide (the book is called “How Civilizations Die (including Islam” – the following is from the books description)


Thanks to collapsing birthrates, much of Europe is on a path of willed self-extinction. The untold story is that birthrates in Muslim nations are declining faster than anywhere else—at a rate never before documented. Europe, even in its decline, may have the resources to support an aging population, if at a terrible economic and cultural cost. But in the impoverished Islamic world, an aging population means a civilization on the brink of total collapse— something Islamic terrorists know and fear.

Muslim decline poses new threats to America, challenges we cannot even understand, much less face effectively, without a wholly new kind of political analysis that explains how desperate peoples and nations behave.

In How Civilizations Die, David P. Goldman—author of the celebrated “Spengler” column read by intelligence organizations worldwide—reveals how, almost unnoticed, massive shifts in global power are remaking our future.

Goldman reveals:

  • How extinctions of peoples, cultures, and civilizations are not unthinkable—but certain
  • How for the first time in world history, the birthrate in the West has fallen below replacement level
  • Why birthrates in the Muslim world are falling even faster
  • Why the “Arab Spring” is the precursor of much more violent change in the Islamic world
  • Why looming demographic collapse may encourage Islamic terrorists to “go for broke”
  • How the United States can survive the coming world turmoil

Solution to Issue #6

The only exception to the falling birth rates is Orthodox Jews and Evangelicals– and the reason for this (I believe) for though all other societies (including Islam) when they hit modernity they stop having children, it means that fundamentally speaking their must be something in both Orthodox Judaism as well as Evangelical Christians that encourage them to WILLINGLY have more children- and (I believe) there are three factors:

  1. Prosperity (generally both of these groups live in prosperous countries)
  2. Love – this cannot be overstated – people who are loved, love – again people who feel loved, they love, and therefore having a child is loving
  3. The Bible -having a value system which encourages marriage, fidelity and children.

As such the solution to this existential problem is through the above three factors.

So 1. Prosperity (which other solutions can create) is necessary

  • Feeling loved – this should come from the President, Prime Minister, whoever – at every single speech (and ideally daily they should begin “Fellow Americans, I love you dearly”…) feeling loved is a perception (obviously it must be genuine to be believed.)

  • Finally we  must make a massive educational campaign which extols the virtues of marriage fidelity – people can be honored – as this will elevate the status.

Issue # 7. Prosperity vs. Poverty – of-course everyone has a right to basic living conditions – it was always tough, but with covd and with robots taking over 50% of manual labor by the year… – it’s no laughing matter

Solution for Issue #7 It goes without saying that the bedrock of economies is business and hence as mentioned in number 3 the encouragement of business is essential – this is primarily done (besides safety law and order) though lower taxes (again malicious diabolical radicals seek to raise the taxes, it is not the poor they care for (more taxes does not equal more but less money!) lowering taxes, incentives investing.)

The Laffer Curve notion, that reasonable tax rates and strong economic growth are the best way to generate monies for government.

The only way to balance the five factors 1. Technological progress (which in of itself is good) 2. Robots taking over most simple jobs 3. Meaning and sense of pride (which in men invariably comes from meaningful work – being able to provide 4. Governments feeding their population 5. Hence lack of civil unrest (someone may have a better idea, but this is mine, which most Americans (based on a Gravis Marketing poll) agree to)

We need to create villages – these villages, somewhat akin to the Israeli Kibbutz have three components – 1. A Spiritual meaning (“God’s Home” “Where Love is Life” – People are encouraged to help, give etc.) 2. To the extent possible “off grid” living, in other words planting, using solar etc. should be the focus c. Now we have a situation in which people both have meaningful employment as well as a meaningful life – so in summary Governments must invest.

#8 Health vs. Illness – thank God our knowledge of preventive care, mainly through good thinking, eating and exercise, is expanding.

Solution #8

We must make a massive educational campaign which extols the virtues of healthy thinking, self-discipline, love, as well as healthy eating and some exercise.

We must make a massive effort – especially to children to encourage healthy eating and practices.

#9 Dignity vs. Shame – thank G-d our recognition to not insult, on one hand is expanding, however simultaneously, politicians demonize, and induce great hate.

We must firstly be very careful to never insult and simultaneously have a massive educational campaign – “Would you like someone to insult you – how do you think whoever you insult feels?”

#10 Joy vs. Sadness or misery – this is of-course primarily based on a. feeling fortunate (which is primarily based on gratitude) b. this is also based on doing things of meaning (vs. meaningless.)

We need a massive educational campaign both to adults and children to a. thank G-d every morning (this gratitude, as studies show induces hope and happiness – and happy people are far nicer : ) and also encourage people to live – discover – a meaningful (the meaning of their ) life.

My Book Discover The Meaning Of Life which has a 5 step Process must be distributed.

#11 Moral (education) vs. immoral – perhaps the most important indicator of the future – for-example all civilizations (apart from Evangelical and Orthodox Jews, are destined, based on birth rates, to soon be extinct.)

Solution #11

1: The value of life – even of one’s own, must be educated.

Every child should be taught to value both their own life and others, for life is unconditionally valuable.

2: Introduce A Moment of Silence – Contemplating A Respect For A Higher Power

64% Of Americans’ Support implementing a moment of silence: which is, that in the beginning of the school day, students are given a moment in their own language and heart, to pray.

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3: Implement a curriculum that offers emotional intelligence, for example, how to overcome anger, how to forgive, how to be kind etc.

79% of American’s believe we should implement a curriculum that offers emotional intelligence, for example, how to overcome anger, how to forgive, how to be kind etc. Gravis Marketing Poll

4: 87% of Americans’ Believe, that “Students would be better served if career training is part of the high school curriculum which they should complete by the time they finish high school.” Gravis Marketing Poll

5: 90% of Americans believe society would be better served, if we educate students what are the laws of the land as well as the consequences for transgressing. Gravis Marketing Poll

This Should be Mandated For All Schools (even Parochial.)

#12 Clean Energy
Whether one believes in climate change or the certain fact that clean air is healthier, 56% of Americans agree the government should create solar farms that will offer free energy nationally and internationally.

The only way we shall have world peace is by a. realizing that the only thing that is random is our own stupidity – every single created being is an epic – scientifically proven – miracle! as such there is a purpose to each – We each like a unique instrument in a grand symphony contribute (for when we understand this, instead of feeling jealous, we feel love, and when we feel love, we don’t feel hate – when we feel love, we wish, as the Hebrew word for love has in it “hav” to give – while the hebrew word for hate has in it an – to annihilate)



There are five types of people – there are those who like children accept – there are those who are radicals, now, as Reb Menachem Mendel of Kotzk said: what’s the difference between a lover of truth or a hater of falsehood – “the former finds truth, the latter falsehood” – while it is true there are injustices in the world but for a person to maim, rape, kill… – as we see with Islamic, with black gangs, and to a lesser extent, with the recent riots, it is obvious that if your hate is motivating your behavior, not only are you no different to those you hate, it can be, as we clearly saw in Germany, you are far worse! – then there are those people who are mature – maturity is the ability to discern – this is not easy – its easy to be a naive child or a hater (for they are both emotions – and emotions take no brain power – in point of fact, people don’t like to think, as one psychiatrist told me, the brain is a glucose hog – 25% of our sugar goes to feed mental processes – so in point of fact its easier for people to have their stupid emotions run them)