If I had to make a religion based solely on my spiritual observations, this would be the Ten Commandments – number one, as you make others happy, particularly women and children, particularly your wife and your children – so God shall do to you – number two, fear is nothing but the Satan trying to make you desperate, so you will become his vehicle of anger, hate, maliciousness, and evil, number 3 if you have a problem there are three good suggestions: the first is hand it to God II is ask a friend who is an expert in that field and listen, as if God-Himself is giving you advice, the third is, all you need to do, is tell yourself, “God will help me!”, for our thoughts enter into the cosmic cloud, that creates destiny and becomes the code of the future, number four, perhaps this is somewhat psychological but necessary nonetheless, and that is, to the extent that you have hope that the Moshiach will save us and bring a perfect beautiful world, is the extent that you have happiness, number 5 if every morning you wake up and you thank God for your blessings, you will feel blessed, and feel happy number 6 to the extent that you need to be right, which is part of a parcel of the need for vengeance, is the extent that you will be miserable, number 7 the purpose of life, the joy of Life, the meaning of life, that which creates joy in you and in others, and most importantly UNITY between you and others, is to always be on the lookout to what more goodness and kindness can I do? number 7 do not think that God will not punish you, for He will, if you are mean to others, whether it’s in this lifetime, in heaven, or another lifetime – there is no evil that goes unpunished, unless you gain the pardon of the individual, which leads us to number eight, your words are your tools, if you are wise they are Cupid’s arrows of love, if you are a fool, they are a boomerang that shall hit you so deep, so painful, perhaps in another lifetime, perhaps in heaven.. but every evil word spoken for any reason, unless you receive the pardon, the full pardon of the individual, shall become the fire that shall burn you in hell, and it may sound a little harsh, but then again the Ten Commandments are to the point. number 9 everything in this world is not good or evil, it depends why you do it, and last but not least number 10 if God had the goodness of heart to come to us and give us a way of life, have the basic common sense to realize it is the best advice you will ever get