Understanding the time we are in

According to Kabbalah as the verse teaches, “Every day is a thousand years.”

When we see time as corresponding to thousand year cycles, interesting truths evolve:

The first day which represent kindness, begins an incredible giving on G-d’s part – the second day which is justice, finds the destruction of humanity (save Noach and his family) for injustice, rape and violence – the third day which is Tifferes / Beauty, finds Abraham, who shines a beautiful Loving-Kindness – the fourth day which is victory, finds the establishment of the Holy-Temple in Jerusalem – the fifth day which is sensitivity, finds the Jewish people dispersed, bringing sensitivity to the world – and the sixth day with is morality finds the world (for the first time, in history) make great strides to living morally.

It is on our era (perhaps as a result of two world wars) that (at least the western world which effected greatly human consciousness) shunned power in favor of righteousness – freedom as opposed to tyranny – fraternity and mutual cooperation, as opposed to divisiveness and war.

Though there are pockets (certain cultures who didn’t get the memo : ) the vast majority of the world has miraculously (if we consider England, France etc. and perhaps even more so Russia, who gave up their vast holding! and even countries like China and India (hence the majority of the world population) shifting (though it may not be the type of freedom we would consider, nonetheless relative to the past it – certainly for their citizens – exceedingly positive, to a capitalist system – considering that throughout history change of regimes and their attitudes were preceded by revolutions of terrible death-tolls, the fact that these shifts happened willingly, is certainly a Messianic miracle.) All in all, the last sixty years have been the most peaceful in all of human history.

And of course this all leads to day seven – Shabbos, the day of eternal peace and tranquility, which will soon be here with Moshiach!


Just as all sight / sound, I assume touch, taste, smell are actually just frequencies, similarly there is five fundamental “frequencies” – the first is the Divine soul, the soul seeks to go back to its source II is the animal soul, the animal soul wants pleasure and no pain; the third is the ego, the ego wants gain and no loss; fourth is Truth, which created all frequencies, and the thinking of Truth is, when we seek and Discover it, and then create a new frequency


The Maagid on Parshas Nasoi

The Essence of Mitzvahs

A candle is fire and the essence of it, is its light – so too every Mitzvah, its essence is the love and fear of God – this is the first of the two, of the Ten Commandments – a. to love God recalling that He personally saved you! b. To not follow any other distraction (false pleasures.)


 If we are not altruistic, even if we do Torah and Mitzvos (but it is our own benefit we seek) we need to do a complete Teshuva.


To rise to God one must vest themselves out of the earthly trapping and go to the source – where you and God are one – if your heart loves God and reciprocally God love’s you, like a father and son who bonded together – one without the other cannot be – then to you God reacts (and all the angels and heaven are at your bidding – God himself happily fulfills your will.)


Moshe’s humility was such that though he was even below entirely above, He considered himself below the person who was the lowest below.


so here is a typical example of a cult – its called the emporer’s clothing… – “if you are anti black that’s racist, if you are anti white you are “progressive” : ) – if you are anti gay that’s homophobic, if you are pro traditional marriage that’s also : ) – if you are pro anarchy that’s “progressive,” if you are pro stability that’s regressive ; ( – sounds to me like the next bunch of brainwashed