How To Be Free

Shavous our sages teach, occurred on Shabbos.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe – one of the greatest Jewish masters – explains, that if our sages emphasize this point, it is because there is, between both, a connection.

When G-d made the world in six days and said “It is very good” – for a healthy mind reflects… He considered what was missing – only the quality of serenity, therefore He made the Shabbos.

Our sages teach, “There is no free person but one who studies (and follows) Torah.”

Seemingly it would appear the opposite to be more accurate (as the Torah has no less the 248 dos, and 365 don’ts.)

However freedom of-course is relative.

To a tree, freedom is the ability to grow; to an animal, it is the ability to move; and to a Jew (in fact everybody) freedom is the ability to Sing The Song Of Your Soul.

If we were to put a man on a stage and tell him to sing! either he would be mortified or feel redeemed- after all, every singer’s dream is the stage.

We must realize to be free, to Sing The Song Of Our Soul, to feel Redeemed (from the mundane minutia and dross of the repetitive materialistic life) is by a. singing our Soul’s Song, which is the path of Torah and Mitzvos, (and empirically evidenced by the hundreds of thousands if not at least million + Jews who embraced Judaism (coming from secular lifefstyile) feel incredible constant joy;) and b. each and every one of us, Jew or gentile, man or woman, rabbi or layperson has a unique mission – ask yourself “If I had no materialistic concerns – what would I love to Bestow?”