Ironically I just discovered the simplest truest secret to happiness, for the reason we are unhappy is not because we lack, and the greatest proof is, those that have the most, are the unhappiest; and the reason those that have the least… having lived in Africa – I can certainly attest, are the happiest, is because as we see – why is it that children are far happier than adults, and the reason is, that the ego desires everything ! – however to the extent that our desire is unmatched by reality, is the extent that we feel frustrated – if on the other hand, which is the stupidity of the entire Eastern religion, we don’t desire anything…, which is why those who don’t feel entitled, based on their circumstances, like children or perhaps poor Africans, therefore they don’t have the frustration of unmatched expectations – however the goal of life, of course is to be happy, and the mechanism to that is simply through understanding, that my only desire is to fulfill God’s