what does a bully want? whenever we do something, even if we’re going to the refrigerator, we do it because we want to; now there can be many many reasons, which we ourselves may not realize, for example sometimes we want to eat not because we’re hungry, but because we’re bored, sometimes because we’re sad, so there are many reasons why something can happen which the person that’s doing it, especially if their bad reasons, because we like to see ourselves as good people, so we create a fake reason for the act – so obviously making fun of someone else is always cruel and bad, so if someone does something they have to be benefiting on some level, and the way the bully benefits is because basically there are two pleasures, the first is the pleasure of love and the joy of friendship, but unfortunately many people have been bullied as studies show, everybody has! and if this caused someone to lose their faith in people, so as they lose the belief in love and friendship, they become jealous of love and friendship, so if I was a bully and I didn’t have the belief that anybody would be my friend, three things would motivate my behavior: first is that I actually want someone else to hate me, because if they are angry, they cannot feel love; the second is, there’s also a sadistic pleasure in feeling Superior to someone, and one way that that can happen is through putting them down, and last but not least and may be so bad that the bully is so unaware that one has become so evil that they are actually looking to coerce people to serve their wishes, through shame

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