Every single thing that any human being ever has is and will do is either caused by the will of their ego, which first and foremost is the desire to get our way, and when we feel that we are being slighted by unnecessary shame, or somebody has pride or something that we believe gives them pride, but we deserve to have it, while they don’t! – The credo of narcissistic evil, this makes us angry, and anger as in the Hebrew word for sinah / hate, and jealousy / kinah, containing the word AN to annihilate, the source “of the reprehensible evil towards us”; conversely, we all have a heart, the heart contains emotions, the primary emotions is a. we desire to feel pleasure; we also like to feel loved; which actually ties into the other primary emotion, which is we become afraid of that which we think may cause us pain; but fear of-course can create anxiety, and anxiety of course can turn back into anger because it may be unfair that others feel comfortable while we don’t deserve to feel anxious… and they don’t deserve to feel comfortable… so this brings us to the ego’s anger which is pathological hence creates rationalizations for why we should be mean them, which is the basis of bullying, anti-semitism, terrorism, all radicalism… however the good news is, if we are emotionally balanced and are humble, then we have a wonderful mind and soul!

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