Russia thought it was smart, I know that with Mr Putin great positive changes have occurred, however the unintended consequence of the sophisticated art of disinformation which is the primary tool, certainly of the past KGB, in which the destruction of America was through both empowering anti-American groups such as protesters, gay and lesbian, which is anti-family, which will destroy the society, as well as quite simply anti-capitalism, which has brainwashed many youngsters, so the bottom line is, that because unlike the old thinking in which we considered ourselves to be hostile territories, the fact of the matter is, that those who realize now, that we are all in a boat, and if you make a hole in any side of the boat, no matter what you think, it will sink your side too


You know when you understand this, you see how Jewish mysticism is true and literally every other philosophy is not, because every single philosophy, that’s religion, atheism… you name it, all believe in a fundamental erroneous premise, that there is such a thing as light / truth and darkness / evil, whereas according to Jewish mysticism from the time that Adam ate the forbidden tree of knowledge, actually there is no such thing as light without darkness and there is no darkness that is not to reveal a greater light


Bihar Bichuikoisai 5749

Every detail in Torah, has something to share in terms of globally, as well as the entire Torah is reflected in every detail.

The end of every Parsha in Torah is indicative of the whole.

The end of the book of Vayikra ends with “these are the Commandments that God commanded Moses to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai.”

The end of the entire Torah is “before the eyes of the Jewish people” for the entire Torah and the universe was created for them.

The beginning of the final portion of Vayikra, Bichuikoisai, begins, “if you will follow my statutes.”

The word for statutes is Bichukoisi, which also means carved, for the difference between a carved or written (ink on parchment) word, is whearas writing can be erased, something that its carved, is embedded; similarly, the Torah we study is not two separate items (ink on parchment, that are not inherently one.)

The verse says “Im Bichucokosisi Teileichu” – if you go in my statutes.. – so if we are speaking about something which is carved and permeates one’s entire core, then why speak of growth? (In the physical world, a complete thing, is when it is completed.) However because we are referring to God, the source of the Torah, and the Jew is sourced in God, therefore the Jews have the obligation that no matter how embedded Torah is within, one must continually renew.

The goal of Torah study and its continual deeper understanding is for whenever we so do, we achieve that the deeper insight not only inspires the part of Torah we are studying, but all parts.

The notion of Torah – inspiration – being both carved / embedded as well as continually growing is seen in the basic mechanism of education, in which we first teach a child to do Mitzvahs – for example, when they wake up they automatically say Modeh Ani (though they are too young to understand its meaning) but as they advance, they learn its deeper beauty – similarly, everything that we learn, firstly must become carved / embedded in our personality, and then we go to the next inspiration – until this continual growth becomes our habit.

When one embeds Torah (inspiration) into their lives, then they are guaranteed, as they dedicate their life to Hashem, Hashem takes care of all their needs.

Furthermore, we must embed Torah, the miracle of continuous creation (for example) in every single object (for all is miraculous.)

The goal is, that we should so embed Torah into us, that it is not something we do, but who we are! that all who see us, sees, “There goes a Torah embedded Jew!” to the extent, we effect even the objects we encounter, and certanly we make an effort to inspire those around us.

The beginning of the book of Vayikra is “When a man from you will offer sacrifice” and the well known commentary is, that to come close to God, the sacrifice is you – that when we offer ourselves, for this is our sole role, to God, then we hasten the coming of Moshiach.

The bottom line is, that we at this very moment must undertake to sacrifice ourselves – to be God’s sacrifice – to be God on earth – and through undertaking Teshuvah (which means a new turn) through learning more Torah, doing more Mitzvos, and certainly through rectifying the sin (that led to the destruction, namely baseless hate) and undertaking to treat one another respectfully, we will merit to immediately see the complete Built Beis Hamikdosh now!


We know that from the Baal Shem Tov who revealed that everything teaches us a lesson, furthermore the greater that event, the greater the lesson, so if we look at the greatest, most impactful events, they can teach us the most profound lessons – the first and foremost greatest event is the invention of democracy 4 as opposed to the erroneous assumption that “might is right” and “if I am right I may use might,” the dignity of the individual to choose what is right, while simultaneously not abusing another, is correct – the second great invention of course is computers and computer show us, a tiny chip can hold – certainly quantum computing – infinite data! so one God can know everyone and everything! Now Google teaches us that the 1 can have a relationship with the many! The next great invention is quantum physics, which shows us that our entire existence is only a very powerful perception – as Einstein said, “reality is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!” and in truth, reality was set up by God to react, so as you feel and certainly do, so will be what you will feel and get – Another great invention is the GPS which teaches us, the only way to have infinite direction, is through humbly listening! and last but not least, the information highway, the internet, teaches us that 99.9% of what people say, is dribble