The Rebbe on Parshas Emor 5750

1. Growth is not something that happens once, growth is something that infinitely happens.

2. Iyar is the month that God shall heal in a way that the illness retroactively shall disappear.

3. When the Jews received the Torah there was a revelation how all is God, and in that level there is only good.

4.. Lag B’omer is the day, which on one count, is the beauty of the beauty of the Jewish people.

5. The highest level of education is continuous growth.

6. The true meaning of education, and as our Parsha relates the concept that it’s the duty of the elders to teach the youngsters, is not that one steps out of his self to give, but his very self is such a shining light that like the nature of light, it shines to everyone.

7. Through giving to others, it greatly increases what we get.

8. The act of teaching and educating in fact represents how we are all one, for the fundamental spark of God is in each of us.

9. The notion of the connection of the greater and the lesser, the interconnection, and that teaching is an expression of this interconnection, is inclusive in the connection between God and the Jewish people.

10. The practical lesson is, that we must increase in our education of the children, and all youngsters in their knowledge of Godliness, and the light of Godliness should so permeate us, that it should shine to the whole world.


whoever realizes not, that infinity which is a force beyond everything, therefore the sun relative to a speck of dust is the same size; the heat of the core of Earth and the horrid cold in outer space, is the same temperature – for relative to infinity, which really is Einstein’s great discovery, the theory of relativity, that our experience is always in a highly subjective reality – so then if our experiences themselves are created by infinity, than the only truth that exists, is as Kabbalah teaches, all the experiences are actually consciousness positive shift – though, sometimes, to shift our consciousness comes through pain, and the sooner we realize that positive shifting, is the infinite goal of Infiniti, hence infinite destiny! the easier it shall become