so you want to know my secret – the secret why things work the way they work…, let me explain to you how I function… – you see, if you know the wisdom of Truth, the wisdom of Chassidus/Kabbalah, what you know is that there are different sources – like different operating systems: there is the operating system of nature, which is repetitive Miracles; hence if the sun comes up every day, you come to expect that as natural, and you live your life in a way that you feel you have control – now whereas the sense of power is good in terms of giving you the ability to be confident, which is the first prerequisite for courage, and courage is a necessity for accomplishment, and that itself is the great gift of Life, The sense of personal meaningful achievement! the curse of power and confidence, is that it can make a person arrogant, and feel entitled; and therefore there is another system, a system whereby in a miraculous means, which means unexpected, which means non logical mechanism – where you get advice, opportunities – in fact obligations / duties of goodness and kindness present themselves, and through acting on the wisdom, and on the duty, this is how you discover, learn, grow, and lead a meaningful life