The Ten Definites – Almost

#1 Definitely we sort of exist

#2 Definitely our existence is the fact that we are both a rational (objective/subjective observer) as well as emotional (subjective pain / pleasure,   pride/shame,    compassion/jealousy – instincts)

#3 The fact, that 120 years ago, every single one of the 7+ billion people alive today, not to mention the trillions of animals – most plants – certainly bacteria etc. literally were not formed, is a proof that a force beyond us makes every being.

#4 Definitely as no one does anything without (some kind of) intention, this world is intentional

#5 Definitely as Kabbalah teaches (and the only logical explanation, the intent of the Creator was (like a mother’s desire to have child) from “future” love.

#6 Definitely the greatest loving kindness (for this is the intent of love) that the Creator can/does bestow, is in allowing us the freedom to discover Him/truth.