Al that I have learned

  1. Not only is there is God, there is nothing but
  2. Our entire reality, as the primary book of Kabbalah (or the foundational) Sefer Yetzira (the Book of Creation) written by Abraham teaches, is comprised  of three – time, space and souls (perceivers of time and space, – so we all live in a bubble, like a computer generated time space perception.)
  3. However our souls, are not only body perceivers, they also contain God.
  4. As they contain God, they have the spirit of God: namely love, compassion, sensitivity.
  5. As we are hence a composite of two opposing forces, God, love, compassion, sensitivity; and an animal, which as all animals, wants only what feels pleasurable, and to not feel pain (not to mention, as we have an ego we also desire supremacy and not feel shame) therefore the choice of what we do – namely, what we think, say, and do (positive or negative, holy or profane,) is actually very difficult.
  6. Now though this is counter-intuitive, as Kabbalah and quantum physics proves, the Divine reality above us, was set up in such a way, that the choices we make below, ripple.
  7. In other words, just as a small person has a big shadow, every small thing you do, whether kind or cruel, creates a massive ripple.

You quite simply are in charge – by your thoughts, speech and action (good or bad, loving or hateful) of not only your destiny, but destiny itself.