Any value system that does not begin with the premise of the preciousness of life… which is probably why the only two value systems that care enough about life, to perpetuate it, based on statistics, is, one Evangelical Christians, which are basically the Protestant White Americans, as well as the Orthodox Jews, because they are rooted in the old testament – which the very foundation is about the creation of Life – The First command of God to man is to have children, to increase life, as well as punishment for murder


The Rebbe’s Amazing Teach on This Week’s Parsha

Achrie Mois 5751

  1. Together with our daily anticipation of redemption – it is appropriate to explain what exactly is the essence of redemption? – hence making our preparation and anticipation easier.
  2. The essence of everything is expressed in its name, which also refers to Geulah – redemption.
  3. Now we find something extraordinary, that the word Geulah contains within it the word Gola (exile!)
  4. Furthermore the first letter indicating the essence of the word, in both is Gimmel.
  5. The reason for this is that Golah (our world today) is not bad – rather Geulah merely transforms the very same world, out of its exile mentality, to a mentality of truth.
  6. Redemption will not only occur to the Jewish people as whole, it will occur both to the whole and to each individual, not only to the Jewish people, but to all people, not only to all people but to each individual, and not only to each individual, to everything.
  7. Redemption is revealing the deeper reason, intent, purpose, raison detre of everyone and everything.
  8. This is why the word for redemption (geulah) is made from the word Gola (exile) with an Alef – for the entire idea of redemption is not a different world, rather, as through God, we elevate all, in ours.
  9. This can be deduced in a Mishna in this week’s Pirkei Avos that says “Look at three things and you shan’t come to sin” – why does it use the word three? (In any event it is about to enumerate them) the answer is a Jew must realize, that this world is not only made up of He and God… (say spirituality…) rather there is also a world, – and the task of the Jew is to elevate the world.
  10. Furthermore, this is why God sent the soul, a perfect spark of God, from the highest heights to the lowest depths – contrary to the Divine compassionate trait (of benevolence, ) for the elevation of the world – transforming into a Divine space – introducing within us/it, God; which reaches God’s essence, is the entire purpose – achieving a level where sin (evil) is not even possible.
  11. This concept (that redemption is this world, but within it, its Divinity) was seen by the Cohen Gadol who once a year would go into the Holy Of Holies – the Holy Of Holies was a location wherein God resided – so it was time / space in this world, with Divinity.
  12. Furthermore one wonders, why did the Cohanim – particularly the Cohen Gadol have to where special clothing – after all this was a spiritual service – the answer is, the revelation of God is not something beyond our reality, but expresses itself in beauty, in all positive manners.
  13. In truth the Cohen Gadol was allowed to enter the Holy Of Holies at any time – he just needed to be at the right standing – in fact, this was his true location.
  14. Every single Jew is called a Kingdom of Priests, hence when Moshiach comes and we will have refined the physical and we will all have the spiritual standing of the High Priest, we all will be allowed to enter – in fact this is our true location – the Holy of Holies, at any time.
  15. Furthermore as the verse (and Medrash teaches) “Your Holiness (the Jewish people) mirrors mine.”
  16. The practical lesson is, a Jew must know that His soul is sourced as a letter in the Torah, that his essence is God – together with this, that he adheres to the Torah/God, he separates himself not form the world, rather he influences it – to the extent that even the gentiles seek to assist.
  17. We now have an answer to the question – for some open people wonder – when Moshiach soon comes, what will be… – with all their business, acquaintances, all they have amassed etc. the answer is Moshiach is not here to replace, rather to elevate – hence everything that was done for the sake of God, will only be enhanced.
  18. The lesson is, that we should use our existing business, acquaintance, structures, for God, influencing people to Torah and Mitvos, as well as Gentiles to the seven Noahide code.
  19. Based on the above, that not only are we to influence gentiles but they will assist – we see how today right before Moshiach this is much clearer – in the past, most Jews lived in locales (countries) that made it very difficult – whereas today, most Jews, including in that country (which was very cruel) live in countries that assist Jews – in the future when Moshaich comes, as the prophecy foretells, “They will carry your brothers on their shoulders to bring them back to Israel!”
  20.    We see so clearly how the world is anticipating redemption, in how gentiles – though this has always been a Jewish practice – are increasing in their charitable and educational drives – for example (this was during the unfortunate floods in an African country… ) though in the past gentile nations were focused (almost) exclusively on their own good, and in terms of other countries, dealt both harshly or wanted territory (made war etc.) today this country built on the foundation and principle of charity and benevolence, sent her army with food and clothing (though without any direct benefit) to assist these unfortunate victims.
  21. Furthermore, this President announced that he wishes to be remembered as the “Education President” for the positive change to education he will implement.
  22. The practical lesson of all of the above is we all must do whatever we can do bring redemption through placing Alef / God within everything, making our generation the final of exile and the first of redemption.
  23. Furthermore we must focus our studies on increasing the study of what the Torah, prophets, Gemarah etc. teach us, regarding the coming of Moshiach.

The Ten Paths To Feeling Tranquil

#1 It is obvious that if we are worried (afraid of something, we think will be a catastrophe… – certainly if we are panicking… – the former is when we think about a negative possibility (or even if its in the back of our mind) the latter is when we are facing it,) we cannot feel tranquil.
As such, there are one of two possibilities – the first is there is something that we can do – well the obvious answer then is to do what we can;
the second is a. we feel we are trapped, so firstly, often what is a trap to one person (simply because he knows not the trapdoor, is easy to another – for example, I once needed some advice and I asked a businessman, in one second he gave me the solution (he said “Just like you can explain Talmud, I can explain business” – the Rebbe encourages us to use friends in all fields, for example, medicine, business, Rabbi (for spiritual etc.) However sometimes there is situation in which we G-d forbid feel trapped, anxious…. so

# 2. A person needs to become spiritual – they say, a student of Plato asked him if he should get married – “Yes” said the great philosopher, “For if your wife will be kind, you will be fortunate; but if not, you can become a philosopher.” – You see, philosophy, seeing a deeper reality, is the only way to overcome anxiety – so there are five deeper reasons:
1. What is happening to you can be a blessing s (which only afterwards will you realize)
2. What is happening to you can be a growth – which is usually what is happening (it makes us humble and wiser).
3. What is happening to you may be part of your tikkun, which means fixing something from a previous incarnation or for a positive benefit.

4. What is happening to you can be a test of faith – when you demonstrate faith (that God loves you and it will be good) things turn around.

5. What is happening to you, is either teaching you a life skill, or leading you to a better.

# 3. To feel tranquil, like a psychiatrist who researched stress his whole life told me – you have to imagine a RPM gauge (the gauge on your dashboard) as you rev your engine it shows you your RPM – now if in general you are feeling clam (say you are driving in 1-2 RPM, you can afford to once in a while get nervous – however if in general you are feeling tense, say you are in 4-5, this can cause that anxiety will create 6-7 (in fact, we actually can measure our brains, and in the alpha frequency we are calm, in the beta we are nervous – there are many biofeedback devises that help – you should try it.)

So here are 7 natural ways to feel calm:

  1. Every morning when you wake up -as the first thought of the day sets our train of thought, think everything you are grateful for (a University of California study shows, that gratitude induces hope and tranquility.)
  2. Believe that soon God will redeem in a miraculous way the entire world – hope is the most powerful antidote.
  3. Breath deeply – take a deep breath, hold it in your stomach for three seconds, and slowly exhale (do this for two three minutes.)
  4. Get into nature! (Even just looking at pictures of greenery calms us.)
  5. Get into sunlight!
  6. Exercise (all scientifically proven – works as good as antidepressants!)
  7. This is perhaps the most important thing – you see the primary reason we are nervous is our soul feels that its burning its oil – for example (if I may use myself…) every day I write and write and write; well I don’t only write… I teach, I answer questions, I put out spiritual content on facebook (you get the idea….)  have never received from this a penny – apart from the fact that it’s something I am passionate, its actually enjoyable – so by helping others, you feel as Einstein says, “A life of giving, is a life worth living.”