How To Maintain Sanity

It is really quite easy

Someone told me today, “I don’t know where I am heading?”

This in fact is the key.

Imagine being on a boat – even if your needs, and even wants were catered for, if you had no destination…

The key to life is understanding its destination.

The funny thing about life, like truth, and the truth about life, which never has, never does, and never will change, is that the destination of life is: listen.

From the first story when man was placed in a Garden with every possible delightful fruit etc. and he was given a mission (“tend the garden and protect it, and don’t eat from two trees”) all he had to do was listen.

From when the Jews were given the Torah, and chosen to be a kingdom of priests, a light onto the world – demonstrating that life is not a dog-eat-dog world, rather a Divine garden- all they had to do was listen.

The Torah, God, its message, in fact even its people (based on the secret of reincarnation, we simply reincarnate, generation after generation) never has, or ever will change.