The five infinite rules

1. The only existence that needs no other existence to exist, is the first existence.

2. As all existence is not only an offshoot of the first existence but because anything that depends on something else to exist, like the light from the sun needs the first source to continuously give it existence, therefore, not only is the existence of everything from the first thing – it continues only out of the continuous DESIRE from the first thing, that it should exist.

3. As such, the most obvious question is: what could possibly have been such a good reason for the first existence to create all existence? and as is obvious there are only two reasons why we do everything, and that is either a desire for or a fear – and as the First existence had nothing to fear, it is only His desire for us – His unconditional love that is the reason everything exists!

4. Cuz it is the nature of unconditional love to both give Freedom of choice coupled with direction – particularly to give directions to those who seek it – the Creator on one hand gives us free choice by creating billions of Gentiles who in our perception don’t have the truth, and simultaneously gave the truth through the Torah, allowing us to fulfill His will, which is really our will – for our best interest – as we see empirically, that those who live Torah lives live awesome lives (relatively speaking,) and even more importantly, when you seek a relationship with God, His ability to come into your life, as evidenced by the hundreds of millions, if not billions, who feel God’s directing their lives from afar.

5. It is also important to recall that the difference between a happy and miserable person is the person who believes that life has a purpose…, so when you understand that the purpose of your life is to bring joy to the First Existence, for when you accept His wisdom, for it’s the nature of all people, that when somebody listens to you, particularly a good person – when you know that the advice you have, will be in their interest – so not only are you doing it what is in your best interest, you are giving Him joy, as well as rectifying and assisting others.


It’s bizarre – unbelievably – to myself, that is – I have had the privilege of writing over 60,000 blogs, (probably the only person who gets more out there, than readers : ) , but this is the first time I am word tied – you see the eureka moment is when as Einstein was seeking for the universal theory – the one theory that unites every detail – so I was thinking about this, and it is so all-encompassing as well as simple, that it instead of causing Eureka…. almost like an infinite grounding – you see the Rebbe revealed (quite remarkably – it was the last major edited talk) that every thing God does ( a famous Kabbalistick doctrine) works in the Rosh, toich, soif (principle: everything has a vision, has a mechanism, has a conclusion – this extends from the beginning, to the end of time – vision: (Moshiach – mechanism, creation, Torah, Avodah; result, Moshiach – but also extends in the micro – so if I would want to get you to do my will, I would a. allow you freedom b. offer some advice c. when you see your own will is foolish, you would want to do my will)