I just learned from the Alter Rebbe something extraordinary – when we look at someone, there is an embarrassment to not do something which in their eyes is inappropriate… – and the lesson I deduce… – is make sure you are looking only at the good (for if you look at movies or worse etc., what happens is – as the largest Govt. study into negative images proves – a loss of shame (in fact, the desire to emulate… – this is the secret how Jews – having great role-models (and seeing themselves as distinct) were always on such a high)


So I was singing ( a new hobby : ) and as this song has many words – I started to think (an old hobby…) how is it that my brain remembers… – and I recalled what Einstein said, that the brain recalls in time space (so we sort of have all these little videos…) and I thought, in actual fact, the brain strings together a story – and then I thought: a. the most important thought is to check your story (is it true…. for example, in narcissism, we think we are the center ) b. the true story is, that before any brain had any story, the original


Everything you need to know, you can learn from the Garden of Eden

You see, the Torah is not a book of stories – the Torah is a book of lessons (in fact in Hebrew the word for Torah means lesson – or instruction – advice.)

In the beginning I placed man in a perfect location – this beautiful Garden in which his every need, every desire was catered for, including a loving adoring wife was complete… – but what is life without achievement… – so in order for him to achieve I gave him a challenge – in the middle of the garden was the most gorgeous of trees… – I told him to never eat from its fruit… – his wife too, was given a challenge – and so in the way of the feeble, instead of adhering to her husband – a saintly man, she allowed a stupid charmer to beguile her – losing her way way, she then had her husband lose his (for after all: that wouldn’t be fair…)

Lesson # 1 don’t ignore G-d – even if your wife tells you too

Lesson # 2 don’t fall for charming salespeople

Well, after they were banished from the Garden, the two sons, Kayin and Hevel offered a sacrifice – Kayin was miserly, so a fire descended not from heaven

And this caused the sin – the cause of all strife, evil, hate, malice, maliciousness (which turns into Genocide etc.) jealousy

Knowing well his state, I came to him and asked him why he seemed so sad? and explained to him, he was facing a challenge:

If at this moment he would look within himself – not blame another – but seek to understand – he would

Of-course his anger seethed – enraged, he killed his brother – his brother’s soul cried to the injustice, and Kayin forever became cursed (well doesn’t take much to get this lesson… – never let your anger, your stupid ego – your false concept of what is fair… – as if you know better than God – turn into hate… – unless you seek to be eternally destroyed.)