The infinite

As I was walking – it was an hour and half… (so some good thinking time: ) I thought about a conversation…

I met a Jewish lady who said she has sought the truth – she read, researched all religions… – but now she was an atheist.

Bam!  what a challenge…

So I thought, what are the absolute infinite infinites?

In other words, when we seek truth, there are five premises:

The first is what is infinite (for if something is true, for example 1+1 = 2, it is only true, if every time you make the equation it comes out as 2…. – this is the basis of science (only if EVERY time you make the equation, the same result occurs… – of-course, as we now know, our rules of logic only apply in the “false” Newtonian physics (for in quantum physics, 1 can be 1,000,0000 and a 1,000,000 can be one, but that’s another story….)

The second premise of truth is that it has to have value ( so even if the sky (appears) blue, unless it has some type of positive message, what difference… (in fact, much of scientific query is simply ego-driven (people looking for recognition… – which is why, as we have come to take science pretty much for granted, there is now a generation that doesn’t see any need in it.)

The third premise of truth, is that it must create love (a “truth” that causes division – an example (though of-course it was false, but officially it was a science) “nazi super-race etc.” is obviously (and there are many other divisive, black and far right wing radicals – that behind their gripes, is power and the “right” to abuse… – this is certainly seen in radical Islam…)

The fourth premise of truth, is that as Einstein said: “we don’t yet know the truth of the ‘old boss’ (how people referred to God…) but when we do, I am sure it will be both simple and beautiful.”

And last but not least, the fifth remarkable premise of truth (as we will soon discover) is that it has the quality of both being beyond and within!

So #1 the infinite infinite truth, is that all that exists, comes (as Maimonides, one of the greatest doctors, philosophers, and rabbis in history) writes, from a first existence (an existence that His existence was causes by His own Existence – imagine that your brain is the source of your thoughts… – so though each of your thoughts needs your brain, your brain didn’t have to think those thoughts.)

#2 As such, it is only logical to understand that the first existence chose (for love – for certainly nothing caused him fear – love, is when you see beauty, greatness, self, in another) to give birth.

#3 To do this He concealed Himself, through causing a time space (universe) dimension.

#4 In this time space universe, dimension, He put in souls – sparks of His soul, in bodies.

#5 These conscious sentient beings, capable of discovery; love; pain; pride; shame; jealousy; misery; hence vengeance; hate; ego-delusion, hence tyranny; would believe – as their thoughts would be developed when their minds were under (basically by the time we are 5 we have discovered 99% of everything we will ever know – hence perceiving their created time space dimension, including their own bodies (made of matter, within the time space dimension – as real…. – while considering the first existence and in general, ideas…. to be somewhat amorphous.

#6 As such, these creations have the ability to experience

#7 All of time, as Einstein’s theory of relativity teaches (at least as it relate to perceptions) is experience; for he famously said, you cannot compare an hour having a good conversation to a minute on a hot stove (or something like that… (In other words time is past present future – however it obvious has to have someone experience – and each experience is unique.)

8 Because inherently the spark of God in an animal (instinctual pain / pleasure, pride / shame ) driven body, are at odds (for one seeks to soar, the other to descend…)  after thousands of years, within which societies would learn to a. become civilized (to self-protect) and b. giving themselves permission for their bodies to indulge – hence realizing their sexual and pleasure desires are futile – they would begin to seek.

#9 As seeking leads (for the mind, like your computer has incredible genius – but only for what you seek…) they would discover as the first seeker… the first existence.

# 10 As the first existence is infinite, which means there are no limits (He can both be and not be, and simultaneously, in any way (as we find with atoms…) therefore The Father would lead – and as the past the present, the future, namely, that each of the experiences of his children – In their time space dimension, would be actually a truly loving growth – and as the Father is pure love

Bonus, though the above are logical – there is in fact another form of realization – for deduction is a form… – however if everyone tells you, that say George Washington existed, chances are that he did – the more people who saw and report, the better, the likelihood.

Hence, there is irrefutable historical evidence over so many things, that we don’t even question; as they are obvious – say ancient romans, Jews, Chinese, etc.

In a similar fashion, the only time (there is a study of 150 religions, – again THE ONLY TIME) that, there’s historical evidence that God revealed Himself to an entire nation, witnessed by no less then 600,000 people, who had never less then 600,000 people (for the past 3,330 years, since this revelation) who continually retold the story, and the book of this revelation (the Torah,) which each, is an exact copy – so Jews separated literally for more than two thousand years… (apart from a single letter which doesn’t even change the word’s meaning) each and every community has the exact SAME book (think about that!) So for those who wish to know the truth, the fact that the Creator, actually revealed Himself, revealed His desires, and furthermore, the tradition of the nation, for this book was passed in an unbroken chain (which the Rambam enumerates in the beginning of his codification of the Jewish laws, which were written down by Rabbi Yehudah Hanasi in the Mishna… following the Talmud… following Jewish law books – so an unbroken tradition, of the revelation, to the not only exact copy of the revelation/ book, but its meaning, to this very day!!! – For there are two types of laws – laws of convenience (as mentioned..) society needs civility (for self-protection) and laws of life – laws that give us the purpose, meaning, direction of what it means to truly live.)

Now we know, that the structure of the Torah (and the physical universe – for all begins as a prototype from above) is in the “klal / prat” (“general rule, from which details emerge.”)

So the wonderful beautiful general rule of the Torah – a rule which uplifts man, unites humanity, creates goodness, peace, kindness, truth, strength, beauty, and valor – is as follows:

“The reason My Creator Created me (which in fact not only applies to every human – we are all miracles – ask anyone who has seen birth…! – remember, the human being according to science has a 1 – in a 300,000,000,000,000! chance of existing… (not to mention that infinite mathematical equations, such as gravitational laws, all, if they were off by little, 1 / 1,000,000, nothing could exist!!) so We are Created to Fulfil Our Creator’s Desires

Of-course our Creator revealed these desires (this is the multiple guides to Jewish law, and in point of fact – though it is less known, the Creator has a second revelation, for gentiles, called The Nohiade Code.