You know it’s unbelievable, because we have a time now that the world is recognizing there is a virus – literally within the span of a month or so – the entire world is in a state that nobody would have ever ever ever imagine – London, New York, shutting down! countries restraining their people! – I mean everything is about commerce…. – about making money…. – truth be told, you have to make money, you have to go to work…. – yet everyone understands that life precedes everything else…. – and this shows us, an exceptionally important message – everything that happens is a lesson and God is showing us something of incredibly important, the most important lesson that there is! – why are we willing to shut down the world in case someone dies physically, and yet we allow pornography?! – a single exposure to pornography messes up, a boy’s perception to sex for life! a single…. – imagine what repetitive exposure does!? – so we are guilty of not caring about the soul of our nations – and so you ask yourself, what could we do? – and the answer is that every single state…. – you look at California – California is a bit nuts, and you look at products, they say, “o.o., well o.k. according to the State of California, this is a carcinogen!” so California says, “Look, we take care of the value system of California!” and “if you want to sell something in our state, ‘You Do It Our Way!” why can’t the State of Kansas say, “In our state, you cannot sell pornography!”? – what could be a greater restriction of freedom than not letting people out of their home? and not going to work…? yet when it comes to saving lies, we have no questions…. so why don’t we apply, the same principle, when it comes to the respect, men have to give to women