I have a friend, a the great psychiatrist, and he discusses the debate among psychiatrists, for it’s well known that perfect parents that do everything right, actually don’t create resilient children – part of the problem of the world today, or at least in part of the wonderful blessed Western safe Democratic societies, is people don’t really have strength of resilience to deal with difficulty – so the question is, do parents have to become a little abusive?! so the wise Dr. says, that worry not, life will already find its way to be cruel; and the reason, I am saying this, is because there is zero need to engage in the media – Engage In Positivity!, the negative is always trying to reach you


Sayings The Rebbe Quoted

Before the Rebbe Rashab passed on he said, “I am going to heaven and the writings (of Chassidus – which he wrote) I leave for you”

The Previous Rebbe always owed (for his activities) but was never bankrupt.

Reb Meir of Primishlan Said “one who is connected above, falls not below.”

In the past one first made someone into a keeper of Torah and Mitvos and then a Chossid, today it must be the reverse.

The Previous Rebbe, “Moshiach is right at the door, those who can hear and see, already do.”

As one begins Shabbos Parshas Breishis, so does the year follow.

Reb Avrohom The Malach said to the wagon driver – “whip the horses so they stop being horses (another version) whip the horses so they realize they are but horses.”

The Alter Rebbe said – whoever celebrates on Yud Tes Kislev, I will save him from physical and gehinoim.

The Previous Rebbe said – influencing another positively is not through tearing off their nose, but speaking inspirationally.

The Previous Rebbe: A Jew’s years are not passport, but spiritual.

The Previous Rebbe: the Baal Shem Tov created the ladder and the Alter Rebbe showed how to climb.

The Previous Rebbe: By Chassidim, living haphazardly (without thinking) doesn’t exist.

The Rebbe Rashab, said: See how pitiful is the state of an idiot, that the Torah says, one  may not feel sorry for them.

The Previous Rebbe said: Today there are no apikoreses / heretics, just ignoramuses.

The Baal Shem Tov said: with faith you can traverse an ocean on a towel.

The Previous Rebbe said: A Jew is like a goat whose master must care for it – the goat knows, its only worry is doing its milking.

The Alter Rebbe: Souls and angels are the inner and outer (souls come from God’s essence.)  


There are five reasons we judge others, the first is We are angry, and just as love is blind, so is hate (anger is our ego saying, I must lower the other (as they have lowered me…) We are jealous (“it’s unfair they have x” (jealousy is our ego saying “I must remove from them what they have, which is unfair”) We are fearful (judgment is: they are scary – so I need not interact… (a protective mechanism) Well it could be that we have been overtaken by evil – I enjoy sadism, harming (this is like hitler, arabs etc.) and ironically, the last and True way to judge, is when we are repulsed; so this is how good people feel about hitler, arabs (this is based on love of life, love, compassion.)