Rebbe Vaykira 5749

That year they read Shabbos Parshas Zochur (“remember the destruction of Amalek.”)

We read the destruction of Amalek (the Mitzvah to destroy Amalek) from the remember, comes the doing.

In Avodas Hashem this means, our task is to get rid of the internal Amalek.

What is Amalek? – within us we have five categories – we have the Amalek which is irrational arrogance – we have self-seeking pleasure or protection – we have intelligence (objective vs. subjective good) – we have our soul – Now the soul wishes beyond any limitation (of self-interest – for even intelligence can merely be based on self-interest) to do the will of G-d, however Amalek challenges this.

The technique of Amalek is not necessarily to get the Jews to ignore, rather to cool him off – as the verse states: “Amalek came and cooled you off” – for being evil, he cannot tolerate goodness.

The antidote to Amalek is, realize that we are Jews, our soul is God, and our task is to take this internal awareness, and have it permeate everything we think, say and do.