World – Rebbe quotes

1. During the weekdays the world receives its energy from the world of Asiyah, on Shabbos it receives its energy from the world of Yetzirah.

2. The main purpose of our lowly world, is to reveal the infinity of God.

3. Entire purpose of the world is for a Jew to do Torah and Mitzvahs, therefore if there ever seems to be some type of stumbling block, it’s only actually something that is there, to cause us to add in our conviction and then the stumbling block disappears.

4. The whole world was created for Torah and Mitzvos, therefore anything that seems to contradict it, is merely an illusion.

5. The world becomes permanent, through making it into God’s home.

6. Everything that exists in the world has a source in Torah.

7. Our goal is to unite the seemingly disparate entities, like we found in the Beis Hamikdash, into a singular whole.

8. Every part of it, we must make into a dwelling place for God.

9. A Jew is empowered to refine the world.

10. The world like an onion, the outer layer conceals its inner Divine core.

¹1. The world was made in a way to conceal the Creator, so the Jew should reveal.

12 Think not that evil is real, it is a mirage to give free choice.

13. First the world was chaos / Darkness, for the Jew to reveal light, which comes from the power of Moshiach, who preceded it all.

14. The world’s existence is only from God’s constant giving it energy.

15. The world was made in such a way, like the Mitzvah of Milah, that we can fix it.

16. When we do good, we tilt the scale of merit for the whole world.

17. The world is not a figment of imagination, it is Divine.

18. The world first appears to be limited, but when we appear beneath the surface, we realize it is unlimited, we reveal the Divine.

19. Existence of the world proves there’s a God, but this takes effort.

20. The goal of Judaism is to make the world a better place.

21. The world has things that appear to be separate, which we must unify through the knowledge of the oneness of God.

22. The reason light was first created is because this is the purpose of life.

23. Our goal is to add light.

24. When we see changes in the world we should fear not, rather peer deeply and see God.

25. The world will achieve its completion when Moshiach comes.

26. The goal is e pluribus unum – from many one.




if you wish to overcome all your trauma, all your suffering…all that made you think that your thoughts were incorrect… realize the simple truth, the cruelty is never kindness, and kindness is never cruelty; so if somebody was cruel to you, they were motivated, because somebody was cruel to them… and they were jealous that you weren't suffering… and the fact that they looked so confident and happy, was because it were so deeply depressed, that they created a delusional persona