The Ten Things We all need To Get

#1 Nothing is random (which doesn’t mean you can understand – as one lady wrote, “I would never wish to serve a God, I understood.”)

#2 As obviously God cannot have fear, therefore He cannot have anger, as He cannot have anger, therefore everything is a blessing.

#3 The greatest blessing that exists, is enlightenment (knowledge of beneficial matters.)

#4 The greatest enlightenment that can exist, is that God in His infinite love, wisdom, and ability, causes us to go through circumstances which inform us (to the extent, that transform.)

#5 As God is infinite, our ability to download more enlightenment is infinite (though it will need to go through sequences.)

#6 As God is infinite, the finite physical dimension, do not contradict the unbounded infinite spiritual.

#7 As is obvious, to do God’s will; but as the Kabbalistic Masters’ teach, when we do a Mitzvah (say put on Teffilin, light Shabbos candles) the infinite unbounded spiritual unites, with the limited physical.

#8 As is obvious, to live in hope, which comes from faith (especially that Moshiach will soon, will be here! – a time where miracles… all illness, poverty, will disappear! and universal infinite (eternal) enlightenment will ensue!) is about to come! and this is much better than being depressed and afraid.

#9 If you don’t know what to do, ask a friend who is experienced (and through this God will give you His wisdom.)

#10 To the extent that we wish to be god, is the extent that we are “His, (really our, )” nemesis.

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