How To Turn Corona Into Crown

Mental Emotional Spiritual Strength


#1 The first and most important thing is to not be scared.

# 2. The second most important thing is to understand that as all viruses and flues (from the very beginning of time – including this winter’s flu, which infected unfortunately 25,000,000 people, killing 25,000 (mainly through secondary issues) will soon pass.)


#1 As Judaism (and confirmed by science) instructs – if every morning when you wake up (as the first thought of the day becomes your daily train of thoughts,) you count at least five blessings (imagine what you would miss, – even your eyes, teeth, feet, hands, if nothing else… (especially if you think about those things that really made/make you happy, like children, spouse etc.) you install in your psyche gratitude, which leads to hope and happiness. (This is a small price for the biggest prize!)

# 2. As we humans are social creatures, make a time every day to talk (have at least 1 daily talking partner – Remember, others need you, as much as you need them!!!!)


#1 As everything comes from G-d, therefore we need to practice as the Baal Shem Tov
(the greatest Jewish masters says) If you can find the good in the bad, the bad will become good! so: a.Corona virus is helping the world realize, we are all alike. b.Corona virus is humbling (hence as humility increases intelligence) making us all, a lot more wise. c.Corona virus, as is humbling – is also makes us more sensitive (for when things are all good – and we think we are our own God – we become self-centered (sometimes arrogant) and callous (insensitive.) ●

# 2. Most importantly, based on the great Rabbis in our time, they are teaching us that the final redemption in which the world will know no more hunger, nor sickness; no more pain, nor suffering; the era when the entire preoccupation of the world will be to get to know G-d better; and universal abundance – both material and spiritual – culminating with the resurrection of the (good) dead is literally almost here – so in the words of the sages: Do Teshuvah (return with all your heart, soul, and resources.)


The Ten Things We all need To Get

#1 Nothing is random (which doesn’t mean you can understand – as one lady wrote, “I would never wish to serve a God, I understood.”)

#2 As obviously God cannot have fear, therefore He cannot have anger, as He cannot have anger, therefore everything is a blessing.

#3 The greatest blessing that exists, is enlightenment (knowledge of beneficial matters.)

#4 The greatest enlightenment that can exist, is that God in His infinite love, wisdom, and ability, causes us to go through circumstances which inform us (to the extent, that transform.)

#5 As God is infinite, our ability to download more enlightenment is infinite (though it will need to go through sequences.)

#6 As God is infinite, the finite physical dimension, do not contradict the unbounded infinite spiritual.

#7 As is obvious, to do God’s will; but as the Kabbalistic Masters’ teach, when we do a Mitzvah (say put on Teffilin, light Shabbos candles) the infinite unbounded spiritual unites, with the limited physical.

#8 As is obvious, to live in hope, which comes from faith (especially that Moshiach will soon, will be here! – a time where miracles… all illness, poverty, will disappear! and universal infinite (eternal) enlightenment will ensue!) is about to come! and this is much better than being depressed and afraid.

#9 If you don’t know what to do, ask a friend who is experienced (and through this God will give you His wisdom.)

#10 To the extent that we wish to be god, is the extent that we are “His, (really our, )” nemesis.


I got an interesting question "Rabbi, to what extent is the coronavirus from God" and the answer of course is, that everything comes from God… and I think this is a good time to discuss a very fundamental question, and that is, a lot of us don't like to believe that bad comes from God, and the answer is that 3 realities occur at all times, and that is number one, everything comes from God for a good reason; number two because we don't understand the reason, therefore a. we are challenged to both live within reality and do what we can, as well as to find a lesson, which will enhance ourselves and reality


The absolute fact is, that just like an artist is one, who for-example, uses black and white to create anything, so there is the expression, let's call it in this case black, and the concealment, let's call it in this case White; now, the computer uses the same system of zeros and ones, everything in the universe, from the popping into existence and its limitation, the expression and the concealment of infinity… which in human terms, there is love based emotions, which is an expansion of self, and there are fear-based emotions, which is a contraction to protect self – and ultimately, the goal of it all, is to allow the Infinite to be the source of your Love expression, and fear concealment


even though we like to believe that we are all similar, and truth be told we are as Oprah says, more similar than dissimilar, by perhaps infinite measure, nevertheless we can’t compare, say, firstly the Jewish people who went through four thousand years, beginning with Abraham, Moses, receiving the Bible, being personally Shepherded by God…, being tortured by others which creates humility, creating a system of goodness and kindness – we cannot compare the English and Protestants that made America, which had the Magna Carta in 1290, say to African or Arab countries, which to this very day are Savage dictatorships