The Top Ten Spiritual Corona Busting Tips

As always there is a unique co-relation between ourselves and G-d.

Thousands of books, discussions (perhaps millions, if not billions…) have been about this free-choice versus destiny.

As always, the truth is like the story, that an argumentative couple came before the Rabbi, and he listened to the wife’s complaints, and he said, “To me it sounds like you’re right…” then he listened to the husbands’, and he said “It sounds like you are right….” so she said, “How can we both be right?…” and he replied, “That too, sounds right.”

Truth is always the best of both.

So yes, G-d does one hundred, run the world; and yes, what we do, 100 percent matters.

Obviously G-d tells us “Virapoi Yirapeh – “And the doctor should heal;” hence the doctor is given permission to heal (never to scare… for ultimately, all life is in God’s hands, and we know of countless (millions upon millions) of miracles; however we firstly must follow Doctors’ advice.)

Similarly, the spiritual things we do, matter.

It works like this, there are countless (thousands if not tens of thousands ) of stories of people placing a Kosher Mezuzah (or fixing a non-kosher one) and had miraculous recoveries. (I recently replaced and installed thirteen Mezuzahs – for it to be effective the entire home must be Mezzuzad…) and a lady, for two years who couldn’t get out of bed, became mobile.) So the Rebbe explains, that just as a soldier wears a helmet in battle, for when bullets fly, helmets protect, every extra merit / Mitzvah we do, adds in our Divine protection.

Here are well known, tried and tested:

#1 As mentioned, Mezuzois – for a Mezuzah to be kosher, it must be bought from a reputable (!!!!) G-d-fearing store (gift shop Mezuzahs… most have either paper or small and non- kosher (as its impossible to make all the letters correct, in small Mezuzahs – as a point of fact, a Kosher Mezuzah should cost app. $50.00.) Furthermore every doorway (excluding bathrooms and small closets) must have a Mezuzah – contact your local Chabad.

#2 Jewish men and boys / teenagers (over Bar-Mitzvah) should put on daily, a kosher pair of Teffilin.

#3 The study of Torah is super important – at a minimal level, you should a. Study (read…) the daily Chitas, Chumash (with Rashi) Tehhilim (psalms) and Tanya (there are numerous apps… and Chayeinu is a publication that will be sent, for just over $100.00, every week, to your door.)

In addition, a very powerful Torah study, is the daily Rambam (there is three cycles of either three chapters a day, one, or the daily Mitzvah.)

#4 At a time of crises, one must increase in their love – as we behave toward another, is how we cause the cosmic reaction – just think of ten things you love about being Jewish and your fellow Jews. (Get rid of all political hate – a nefarious evil.)

#5 It goes without saying (no matter your financial hardship which we pray is speedily resolved) increase as much as possible charity; in fact our sages teach, “Charity decreases death” – such is its power. – Of-course charity is not only monetarily, it is love – who can you love today?!? – Make a list of the good you can do (perhaps calling people etc…) DO IT!!!

#6 And most importantly, believe, with a complete firm and passionate conviction – it is real and true – that the final redemption, through the righteous Moshiach, prophesized, foretold and unfolding before our very eyes (such as both the return of Israel and her Jews – a prophecy of G-d and something that has NEVER HAPPENED IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY (an ancient people after two thousand years, reclaiming, rebuilding, and thriving in their ancient land) is literally going to immediately come!!!!