The four types of judging

Everything – literally – boils down to:

  1. In naivete – when thank G-d, a world in which you were born into – after literally, thousands of years of trial and error – of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of people who sacrificed (often their lives) to provide us with the freedom, rules, standards – so as all seems good… – our instincts for unity – (and as all desire skews our judgement, for as they say, “love is blind…”) we see only in others, beauty.
  2. The flipside is, if we experience maliciousness – we can only realize that the other (in other words, we cannot self-delude that we did anything wrong) but pure sadism (such as, typical Arab behavior…) then we have no choice but to become defensive – When we are fearful – like a soldier believing there is an ambush… – every rustling of any leaf seems to be malicious (in this state, we tend to judge everyone – especially kind people, for not only do we fear them (as mentioned, we are in a state of fear) but we are also jealous.
  3. We G-d-forbid, can have naive depression (this is where, in a positive environment – so we don’t judge others ) we judge ourselves (which is what depression is – “you are so bad, rotten etc. etc.”)
  4. The truth of reality of-course not only is all of the above, but most importantly – in order to be normal, we must realize that everyone and everything is a composite, the trick is to, without malice (for you cannot blame someone who sees (and is reacting to their # 2 paradigm) maliciousness) in other words, to strive.