Rebbe Sicha

Parshas Ki Sisah 5749

Parshas Ki Sisa is the elevation of the Jewish people.

Moshe Rabeinu wondered how would the Jews be elevated (particularly after the golden calf.)

Said Hashem, “they should give a coin of fire.”

Moshe couldn’t understand – how could a coin of fire elevate? (atone.)

The answer is that fire and coins are opposites.

Fire represents energy – shapeless, striving – while a coin is heavy and molded.

A coin is our goal – giving.

Now there are many types of giving.

There is giving because one is kind-hearted.

A higher level, because so God instructs.

But the highest level is a coin of fire, whereby an individual and God have so enmeshed, integrated and merged, that one (like God who continuously, has, is, and will give) continuously – even if he doesn’t see a poor person seeks both those financially and spiritually poor – and even if the person doesn’t realize their poverty they make the effort to teach, assist.


Alter Rebbe Mamer

Ki Sisah

In order to rectify the Bris (the sin of wasting seed) which Bris comes from the word connection – we need to deeply connect to God! – we do this through the realization that the soul of our soul – for everything contains a physical and spiritual element – the physical is death (as it disintegrates withers / dies) the spiritual is life (it is eternal, but of-course life cannot exist – it must (like energy) come from a source) so our soul is literally God.

When a person understands this, and bonds with G-d, his newfound passion becomes his new love.

Additionally one should meditate on the fact, that God, the Creator of everything is beyond everything – everything both heaven and earth, from the beginning to the end of time (so that’s billions and trillions of years..) is like a single thought