Mamer Alter Rebbe

Parshas Ki Sisah

Everything comes from God, including our love, fear; Torah and Mitzvos.

If this is the case, how do we have free choice?

The answer is, there are two forms of love of God, there is a love which God gives, and the love which we arouse.

When we meditate upon the fact, that the entire universe is literally like the thought of God, and in a moment, God can have infinite thoughts, and what is one thought compared to everything you ever think about, say, or do – so one compared to infinity is nothing, and the entire universe is merely one sentence, this will lead to an extraordinary love.


Rebbe Sicha

Ki Sisah 5750

That year Parshas Ki Sisah and Parah coincided.

Parshas Parah includes the entire Torah.

It is the concept of rotzui vshuv.

Ratzu is that we must always yearn.

It is never good – it must always be better!

Shuv is the concept that we must return.

Like fire and water – fire is elevating, water is grounded.

No matter how much we have learnt, given… we must learn more and give more – especially as we are coming to Pesach – giving, in fact is not only 10/20 precent, but in fact everything.

Furthermore no one is at a level that they are too low.