Top Ten Reasons Why Believe it or Not, Men are Desperately Needed

O.k., why I am writing this?

I grew up in I guess the post feminist “religion” – by the time I grew up, there were no burning of bras – mass-rallies… – the ideas that women are equal, were normal.

As all radical movements, they begin like a little fire – fire in moderation… balanced with the other elements, creates warmth; but when an idea spreads – like a wildfire, it consumes.

Many hundreds of millions, if not a billion plus people have grown up under such stupid ideas, that predictions show (apart from Orthodox Jews and Evangelical Christians – for even traditional societies like Islamic, once they hit modernity (which for-example includes present day Iran – which is highly demonstrative) actually the women don’t have enough children, and all these civilizations will disappear (in many countries, as there is a zero population growth, this trend is irreversible.)

So while feminism certainly emancipated women, what it also did was destroy.

Now there are many negatives one can discus (such as John Grey writes, that now women simply have twice the workload… – they feel guilty at work… etc. etc.)

But for men to be men, they must be educated, as to why they are desperately needed.

  1. Women by nature are anxious (this is because they have more binah, left brain, and the more details we are aware of (which on one hand is a great asset… – they are more risk averse etc. – nonetheless, makes us feel anxious; – of-course all physical and mental issues come from anxiety.)

So reason number one why men are needed is because, and this the primary – or one of, that women seek men – is when you are in the presence (remember how you felt next to your father…) of someone you believe to be strong, you feel safe.

2. Men are needed for the very same reason – children of divorced parents unfortunately have far more anxiety – children in a stable two family home, will feel safe – a prerequisite for self-discipline.

3. It also is something desirable to women – to “have a man” (sort of like men feel “having a women” – so a man gives his wife joy.)

4. Furthermore it is necessary – certainly from the standpoint of someone who can focus and care non-stop for children, that women have better detail brains.. and hence as mentioned, more anxiety; so men (husband…) having intimacy with his wife – giving her both love and joy; creates not only a sense of safety, but also happiness (which of-course not only enhances her life, but the husband and the children’s.)

5. As men are more right brain (chochmah) therefore men have in a sense, greater access to potential (new ideas / possibilities etc.) as such, this makes them capable of really holding onto convictions, which then becomes the family’s role-model.

6. As men also are more into Chochma (unless they have anxiety etc.) they are actually more flexible.

7. As is obvious, and as mentioned, income, (a necessary evil.)

8. The love between a husband and wife is a very very beautiful thing – in fact, the Alter Rebbe says, it’s the sole source of all blessing.

9. From a purely rational perspective, though women desire to have children, it takes two.

10. Finally on a spiritual note, men and women represent two sides of God, the creator innovative, bold and courageous; and the feminine, the compassionate holder of all that is good and holy; together they create symbiosis in themselves, as well as their future.